Mutiple workspaces

I just installed Zorin 16.2 on my wife's computer but cannot find where to set multiple workspaces. I haven't used Zorin since 6 as I prefer Mate so am now unfamiliar with the OS. She likes the Windows appearance but would like two workspaces. How can that be accomplished in Zorin 16.2?

Gday @jymm , Welcome to the community!

Is this Core or Lite?
I dont use the feature, If on Core, first you have an icon on the taskbar, next to the start button.
I believe this is where you can create more workspaces.
To navigate the workspaces use, Ctrl+Alt+Arrows.

You can see more keyboard shortcut's/create.
In Settings/Keyboard shortcuts.
Hope this helps.

It is core, I will give it a try.

Yes that worked, it is the up and down arrows,

Windows + pageup/pagedown also appears to work.

But the easiest way:

set windows key to open activities overview, also enable hot corners, press windows or move mouse to top left and scroll up or down.

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Be sure to enable the Workspace Indicator extension to quickly scroll thru workspaces.