My entire household dumped Windows 10!

Dear Forum,
here is my story of how our entire household sent Windows 10 into nirvana.
A few weeks ago we heard about Windows 11 and all the prerequisites it needs. My PC is almost 10 years old but games still run very well on it. My husband's PC is only 3 years old and is not officially supported. I have used Linux (Open Suse and Ubuntu) in the past, but unfortunately the game support was very poor. It's amazing how much progress Linux has made in the last few years.
I was so upset that I formatted my Windows and tried a few Linux distributions. In the end I ended up with Zorin 16 Pro. My husband saw how well games run on Linux and totally liked Zorin so he removed Windows as well. He was a little afraid of the change, but he has me in case of problems. Our last computer with Windows 10 was formatted yesterday and now also gets a new life with Zorin OS. (It's a multimedia center for our living room with retro games).

With all 3 computers we had no problems with the hardware or the installation. Of course I had to install a few things by hand like the dongle for our X-Box controller. But our printer, scanner and many other things just work! That is so great!

I just love Zorin Os and linux! <3

Thanks a lot for listening to my story!
Love wishes,


Another Linux advocator wife :slight_smile:
I converted my husband (MXLinux) and daughter-in-law (Mint XFCE) to Linux users.
Being the only techy person in the entire family, it lightened up my burden to look after their machines.


Hello FrenchPress,
my husband is good with PCs, but he has no idea about deeper Linux or Windows stuff. I'm not an expert either but I know the basics. Since I have been running my own Ubuntu webserver for years.
But if there is a PC problem in our family, I am usually the one who has to solve it. There we have something in common.
Yes, the good thing about Linux is when it runs it runs. Only the whole configuration is sometimes really time consuming. But I'm really glad that I don't have to worry about Windows stuff anymore.

Only yesterday Windows 10 deleted my USB stick without asking because it was formatted in EXT4. :persevere:

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I had a similar problem time to time.
While my other family members (musician and journalist) can be completely Windows-free, my job requires Windows only database (very special and no way running it under Wine) and I am still a bilingual in both Windows and Linux.

Windows seems to believe that it is the only OS exists under the Sun...

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Too bad you can't say goodbye to Windows completely.
I find it an absolute impertinence that Windows simply deletes data from disks without asking. Fortunately, nothing important was on it.
I will in no way return to Windows. I am done with that.

I hope Linux will become more popular now. Especially now that Steam Deck is hitting the market.
I might buy that next year for Christmas.
But I'm certainly not buying a new PC to run Windows 11 on it.


You might find a thread I created about that subject entertaining:

By tweaking the Registry, I managed to install Win 11 on my 11 years old netbook. MS is well known for its tight security /s.

While I did not keep that installation on the netbook (which is currently running LinuxLite), I still keep on updating Win 11 on the other installation on the 10 years old Acer Aspire just out of curiosity.

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Yes, I find the topic very entertaining. I also find it very funny that Windows itself has revealed a way to update unsupported machines to Windows 11. And unfortunately, many will do that. But I deliberately decided against it, because I don't want my computer to stop getting security updates at some point.

Surely you can take a look at Windows 11 out of curiosity. But I won't. I'm still very angry because of it.

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Perhaps the "out of curiosity" was not the correct term to use.

Windows 10 will become unsupported in year 2025. I am hoping that I would retire before that but I might also need it. The area of the industry I work is extremely special (related to genetic engineering) and there is a constant shortage of people who can handle it.

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I have a troop of RasPi in our hosehold which are working as print server, non-smart speaker, WordPress server and NAS :slight_smile:

Considering that the majority of my age group of women from where I come from (Japan) was strongly discourage to take on any technology related subjects, I think I did not do too bad :wink:

I also might add that I am the only one who can solder in the entire family. While I cannot repair the automotive engine or large household appliances, I still can repair Christmas lights and WatwerPic :slight_smile:

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Yes, if you need Windows for work, you have to deal with it. Especially highly specialized applications only run under certain operating systems, which is why they US Army or scientists, for example, still use Windows XP for certain things. This is a huge problem. Especially because everything is networked nowadays. And for such security updates, Microsoft gets paid handsomely.
I hope your software works with Windows 11.

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It is a well-known fact that French aviation controllers still resort on Windows 3.1.

Saying that, I think Windows XP and OSX Snow Leopard were the masterpiece of OS (I was also a Hackintosh user at one time) for the technology available at that time.

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I would not have thought that in modern Japan, people think so conservatively about women. But here in Germany, it's the same. Here it is considered a miracle if a woman can turn on a PC. I have repaired business laptops for a very long time. If someone noticed that a woman had done it, there were even complaints. Or I was not taken seriously.

I have never used MacOs except on our iPad. So I can't say much about it. WindowsXP was great though. It ran from my Pentium 3 at 333mhz in 2005. xD The machine was overclocked from 133mhz. With that I was even on the Internet. My next PC was a first generation Core2Quad with Vista. That was not so great anymore.

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Funny that you mentioned it.
If fact I am currently facing the exactly the same problem (do no take women seriously) and trying to do something about it.

I have worked as a system integrator for some years helping my ex. Thanks to that experience, I have absolutely no fear opening laptops/desktops.

I am still OK with the Core i7 workstation I assembled 5 years ago. My next system will be AMD based since the cost performance is much better than the Intel based system.

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I don't understand why people in 2021 still believe that women can't do anything that is either complex or has to do with technology. That's totally backward. You have a lot on it and that's great. Don't let anyone tell you it's any different.

That is totally super. Nothing is better when you can upgrade or repair your own devices. Better than always throwing everything away. I built my first PC from discarded parts from the garbage. Before that I got an Amgia 500+ as a gift. I love to build computers and I grew up with it.

Intel is okay. My PC runs Intel too. My husband has AMD. Both are great. But I didn't liked Vista. Windows 7 was okay though.


I will divulge this deep secret.
There are actually two teams of Windows developers: Team A and Team B.

Team A developed Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 10, while Team B developed Windows Me, Windows Vista and Windows 8.

Knowing which team makes better OS, I tactfully evaded the products by Team B :crazy_face:

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When I read this made me laugh so hard I almost spit out my coffee. :laughing:

But the old good-then-bad rule always applies to Windows. According to this, Windows 11 is bad again. Well, from what you read it has a lot of bugs and the high system requirements.... let's see where the journey leads... It has led me to linux and that was good.

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I found another coffee lover :heavy_heart_exclamation:
I think @StarTreker is also another coffee lover on this forum.

Right now I am extremely careful not to be infected by the current pandemic since 3 people I know who got it lost the sensation for smell.

I think the life is not worth living without the aroma of freshly brewed cup.


Here where I live, there is a tick. It harbors a strange bacteria that if infected by, the person can become allergic to meat.

I dread this tick.


Nooooo :scream:


If I am honest, I can't live without coffee. :laughing:
Great, tho know that I am not the only one!

I love the smell of freshly ground and brewed coffee. There is nothing like a coffee grinder in the house.

Well, I am not alergic to meat. But we do not eat any. Except our dog. I do not miss anything.