My first step to be un-googled \o/

Yes. I have created a new E-mail at and bought Mail plus so I can integrate it via a bridge to Geary. Now this will take time to change all my accounts across the web to my new e-mail, so it will be a slow process. Well it aren't my frist step, my first sttep to be un-googled was get rid of chrome and switch google drive out with Mega.
Funny to see an nearly empty mailbox :wink:

Also Protonmail have a cloud storage in beta which I'll be testing out.


I've heard of this, though I'm not sure if I'll be able to migrate my stuff to this.

It takes time, so take it in small step is my advise. I move a bit at the time.

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Alright, I'm doing it.
... Except some of it is paid.
And It's in euros.


Just use the free version. You can set it to US dollars.

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Except I'm based in the UK and my currency is GBP.

Oh... is there a transfer fee for GBP to Euro?
In Denmark we still have Danish Crowner, but I paid in Euro which th epbank took 1,2 % for it.

Not sure.

BTW, I've found a Google Search alternative.

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What you found?

Have you ever heard of Qwant? It's basically a search engine based in Europe (it follows strict GDPR laws).

Nope I havn't. Going to check it out.

I've (just) contacted ProtonMail support via email about GBP options and they're looking into it.

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protonemail is ok but for security they can sharing your information.

I don't mind that. I mean it's far better than Google privacywise.

I also found an interesting article about Google alternatives here:

I left google mail years ago and have several email accounts:

  1. Proton
  2. Zoho (has been replaced with Vivaldi email)
  3. Yahoo (long standing email service and is my go to for "catch all")
  4. Outlook (only because I've had it for as long as Yahoo .... mostly dormant now)
  5. Tutanota (highest security emails)

They all are being used for various degrees of mail security .....

Storm ..... a great many email services have an automatic notification service that notifies all your correspondence of you change of email address .... after all it is to their benefit as well as yours and they are all the time jocking for new customers and taking them away from their competitors ....

Check it out Proton maybe one of them ..... I have Proton but don't use it to much ....

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Anyone can sign up for free to The only downside to this is that some sites don't recognise email domains with more than three letters after the dot. You get a free address and 1 Gb of free cloud storage. I don't sync my email to my phone to cut down on storage in the cloud. I also have a protonmail account but try to restrict this for key financial accounts. I recently upgraded to 20 Gb cloud storage and I live in UK. Cost €20 for the year which worked out at just over £16. There are different storage plans and prices but 20 Gb is enough for my needs. I am able to view my in Evolution without any need for a bridge. I view my protonmail in TOR browser.

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So @Storm, how are you finding Qwant?

So far I like it :slight_smile: .. Seems to work pretty well actually.

Murena recently had a pretty nasty data leak where users files where sent to other users... I really like the project and have been following from almost the start, but it seems to have gotten stuck and are making little to no progress.

Moral of the story: encrypt your files before uploading them to any cloud.