My first step to be un-googled \o/

Thanks for the heads up. I don't use the cloud for sensitive data. I have several external drives for that. :wink:

What I have used it for is the unofficial Zorin 15 manual I created and training resources in preparing materials for low/no vision students.

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(In reply to the first post by storm)

I would recommend using a password manager that keeps track of every change you made to the each entry, enable it for protonmail or at least write it down on the notes section whenever you make a password change.

I manage to lose some data on protonmail over this since previous email are not recoverable when you forcefully change your password. Silly mistake on my part? Maybe, but I do use KeePassXC to handle all my passwords and tried each and every one on the history and still wasn't able to recover those emails.

Which is why I'm very wary of Protonmail as well. I still use them but make sure that anything sensitive is properly backed up elsewhere before making any changes to the password. I also like Tutanota quite a bit.


If you're going to use a password manager, use a standalone password manager rather than a browser one. It will offer a master password that most browsers don't offer. I would recommend Dashlane.

Plus, I don't use Google Drive much. I use OneDrive more.

Just had a look at Wikipedia article and because it uses filters I will be sticking with mojeek and Brave as alternative. I use SearX and mojeek/Brave search engine on unGoogled smartphone.

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I very much recommend something else like KeePassXC since it's a desktop application (available in all sorts of formats) as well as browser extensions, whereas Dashlane recently discontinued their desktop app.

It's also free (as in beer) and open source which I don't think Dashlane is. That is a big no-go for me, considering I'm using it to store and entire set of passwords in there.

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Yeah but they still do apps for mobile.

Or keep a journal made for such items. Always offline!


Do you have link to data leak? Just searched and nothing came back.

This is the statement issued by Gael:

I'm sorry, what are we talking about now?

OK that was a migration problem. The only thing that affected me was corruption to the Zorin manual I created which was rectified. I can't see issues with murena as it is headed by the founder of Mandrake Linux and Ulteo.

Alleged data leak when there wasn't one, by that not a hack but a scripting error when moving to new platform. As stated in Gael's notice, less than 5% of users affected and only for 15 minutes. The migration took place in just over 1 day, pretty good when others on the mentioned other platforms taking over a week for successful migration.

I've never heard or used the service this is related to.

It was originally the selling smart phones that are un-Googled. I have the Fairphone 3+ made from 100% material. They also have the OS to install to other phones.
I installed e.OS on an old 1+ 3. No need to upgrade as comes with removable battery, and you are provided with a mini Philips screwdriver so you can replace any module should it get damaged. You can even replace the screen yourself.
At the time I purchased I signed up for free address and 1 Gb of free cloud storage.

But you don't need a smartphone to get murena account:

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So what's your next step to be un-googled @Storm?

I use swiss cows for my email, free 512mb account. Would recommend :slight_smile:

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I'll see how I can remove google stuff from my phone without borking it.


If it's OK, I would like to state something self explanatory and off topic to Zorin.

Is it related to Linux and computing generally?

It's related to computing, but phones, not Linux.