My Laptop stuck/freeze while installing

You may want to reply to the email sent to you with the download link requesting a mirror download site, or try downloading from the link they provided at a different time.

It has been popular and causing the downloads to be slow. These are the best options i could provide for we don't have access to pro links.

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Zorin OS Pro also comes with direct Installation Support from the ZorinGroup.

Check the Sha256 sum after downloading and ensure it isn't corrupted.

How to check is it corrupted Sha256.

When you download a new copy, run the checksum command i had you type earlier. If it matches what i posted as the checksum, available on the Zorin official download page, it's not corrupted. Anything else, for pro, is.

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Ya for pro SHA256 checksum

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But my checking md5sums no error found.

If it was a valid copy of Zorin pro it would have produced the following checksum:


Download a valid, unaltered copy of pro and we can help you. You may also want to look at downloading core, which has everything but the Mac / windows themes and the bundled software package, for free.

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I got this error:

Does it matter?

I cannot access your Google drive and don't want to. Please post photos here, resize if to large. I cannot see the error.

Since your checksum is not the same the image is either corrupted or modified. I do not know in what way. I'm sorry but we cannot help with this unless you download core or your checksum matches for pro.

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What is the difference between core and pro?

Core does not have Mac layout or windows layout or the bundled software chosen for pro. All can be downloaded, but separately. The themes are for pro only. Everything else is the same.

And core is free.

Paying supports development and gives you installation support directly from the devs.

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Where did you get your version of Zorin 16 Pro?

I get it from other website.

Would you mind sharing the link?

I think we all know, at this point, why the 256SHA does not match and why you cannot install it.
Downloading Zorin OS from any other site than the one provided by the ZorinGroup is risky to say the least. Who knows what changes were made to the .iso or what malware could be added to it?
As you asked above, Zorin OS Pro contains some perks, but is primarily a means of Donating to Support Development. Zorin OS is not Microsoft - it consists of Two People doing all the work, full time.
Donations made by choosing Zorin OS Pro fund the project and keep it going.

But Zorin OS Core is free and contains all the same functionality and performance as Pro. There really is no need to try to get a copy of Pro elsewhere.

We don't support Piracy.
I suggest you download the real thing Zorin OS core from here: Download - Zorin OS if you don't have any money to buy the Pro.
Then we'll be happy to help you further.


I am closing this support topic due to the fact that it is a pirated copy. @MatrexChai i would appreciate it if you would send me a direct message with a copy of that link. Obviously it is a damaged/ modified version and shouldn't be passed around. Please respect this and share that information with me so we can stop the spread of malware.

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