My post got deleted by FB. (Loving Zorin)

Facebook "maniacs" deleted my post on my friend's shared link from 3 weeks ago, during the global outage last night. It was our discussion on GNU/Linux, Virtual Machines, and QEMU/KVM, gaming, graphics cards, etc. Should have been post #4 in the thread. Big tech companies getting worse and worse.

Microsoft Windows 11 releases today, coincidence? :rofl:

Big Brother dislike your post:

Deleted post should have been the fourth one:

Making me love Zorin OS 16 more and more! Much less nonsense!


There is a lot of new stuff coming out about what Facebook has really been doing behind closed doors. Turns out, all this AI is being used to starts wars in other countries, as well as insite civil wars within ones own country. Far too many people have been falling for it, cause the AI is smart, and knows how to manipulate people.

And the sad thing is, its been going on for years without people noticing. Facebook also gets heavily involved in politics and sways public opinion, and also makes up a lot of stuff. Again, the AI behind the scenes creating dissent. Reality is, Facebook needs to be shutdown, they are out of control.

The minute people should have been worried about Facebook, is when Facebook didn't care about screwing their own share holders over, several years ago. The best thing you can do my friend, is stay off Facebook.

If your looking for family or community, you won't find it on Facebook. I am glad you realize that.


Yup. Some people don't know. But, FB have been rumored to have had three-letter agencies/departments backing it during its startup. And, monitored by them constantly, and recruiting contunuously.

Control of technology and information is what gives them the upperhand. The greatest asset in modern times.

Big Corps and Big Techs are too powerful.

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Sorry, thought you were talking about Gnome for a moment. And it goes to show - People still will keep falling for it, no matter how many warnings they get.

Because that is what they want.

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I was an early adopter of Facebook. However, the damage it has done is real and immeasurable.

I watched family members post messages with the words, "If you don't support XYZ, you can f*** off," and I realised that I didn't like FB anymore (and them). Facebook and others has turned families in enemies and destroyed communities. No words describe what I feel toward it.


How does it work out if someone says to you, "If you don't support facebook, anymore..."

As the Ghost in the Machine, facebook exploited what already inhabits us.
All Facebook wanted to do was what the rest of us wanted to do: Be self-absorbed and care only about what we want. Facebook could profit on that, getting what they want by showing us what we want to see.

The problem is not necessarily Apple or Facebook or Gnome or Microsoft- but us.
We feed them. We keep giving in to them. We keep supporting and using their products. we make it easy for them to exploit us... for the same reasons that they do it.
We don't care about anything except ourselves and what we want.


What I was referring to is the self-righteous rage and anger that social media big tech instigate. I was not referring to the notion that I can't stand it if someone disagrees with me.

Yes, there are deep biological drives within us which served important evolutionary purposes. Out of the context of a neolithic existence, they can go wrong and give rise to irrational behaviours and addictions.

However, I would not agree that it is really our fault that we are the way we are. Indeed Facebook exploited us by turning normal human emotions, things most people are unaware of and cannot change, against us.

We keep giving in to them. We keep supporting and using their products.

I don't.

We don't care about anything except ourselves and what we want.

Certainly, I would agree that society has moved in that direction. But again, it's more complex than saying it is all our fault when children are raised in a society where community has been broken down and replaced with instant gratification, and where narcissism in rewarded.

It's rather a deep area, I know.



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I'm sorry, I was not very clear. I was not inferring that you would not handle disagreement. I was pointing out Human Behavior in general.


Very well worded.

We are perfectly capable of being self-aware.

One down, how many to go?

Who raised these children (Who are the ones at fault, then?)

We are capable of making intelligent, informed decisions. We are capable of examining evidence, heeding warnings and observing patterns. Not doing so is most often guided by when doing so contradicts self-interest.


And with that token, what guides Facebooks self interest, is MONEY. In America we have a constitution that prevents a president from coming in and dictating how you can run a company. Which is why nothing has been done about them. However, eventually there is a fine line that you can cross, and I think Facebook has crossed it too many times. I'd like to see our government shut Facebook down.

Certainly, we are along similar lines of thinking. It's deep discussion which I'm not use to having on a technical forum.

I'm glad I found this place.

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Yep, its common theme around here. If the mind goes deep, so does the conversation. And truth is, I need some more of that right now. Far too much tech support was frying my brain. lol - I am glad to see you participating Marlin, keep it up, you will be at level 3 in no time. Then you can kick your feet up in the lounge, sipping martini's, looking at pretty ladeeeeees ahhhhhhhh one just walked in.

What were you boys talking about? Ohhhhh you know the same oh same oh, how the world is ending in a hand basket, the usual. :joy:


I enjoy healthy and spirited debate (Which is not the same as fighting). It opens the mind to examine ideas and assumptions and enables learning and growth.
We must do our best to remember to examine the idea, not attack the person.

But I see all forums as Forums for the Free Exchange of Ideas. They are places of learning.

Those that experience it are more likely to cut the Zorin Brothers some slack. :smiley:


OK, if it's appropriate to post here, try this:

It's a little something I wrote during lockdown. It is fiction (not too heavy), but concerns such things as tech control and free-will.

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When people come in wanting their tech support right now, its very 1-sided. And when we can't provide the magic fix solution, they give up and say, I'm going back to Windows.

But once you've been on the end of providing the tech support. You realize just how hard of a job it is, its not easy. Its even harder when you yourself lack some knowledge in providing the answer.

So, as someone trying to help another, you volunteer your time, to hunt down a possible solution somewhere on the web, spending minutes, sometimes even an hour looking for it.

It hurts when they say going back to Windows. And then if you accidentally make a mistake and provide the wrong answer and it makes their system worse, it makes you feel like an utter failure.

The stress, my God the stress, its real. So if anyone is looking to do tech support, just so you know, its not going to be easy. And frankly, I think I was more frustrated then the members coming on here looking for support, were frustrated with their own machines lol.

So yeah, its easy to come flying in here at MACH1 speeds, don't even bother doing a search, and yelling the words HELP! Its another being on the end of the person trying to provide that help.


I have seen a lot of that lately, too. My mental response is, "don't let the door hit you on the way out..."

It's also inevitable. Sometime,s they do not tell you important things they did that led to the situation in the first place.

Being a Moderator is even worse. It is NOT a job someone wants.

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And I knew it was, which is why I never requested it. And not only that, if you recall, I have on many occasion, and publicly mind you, said to that effect, that I didn't want to be a moderator.

Its because I wanted to make sure, just incase somebody up their in administration had any thoughts in their head of wanting me to be a mod, I made sure to send in my memo with my cover sheet on my TPS report that said, don't want the job, no thank you lol.

And I am glad to know that you understand how I feel about the tech support deal though. I am glad we had this dialog, cause I wasn't sure if we felt the same way about it, we never really talked about it I don't think.

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You hit the nail pretty square - a lot of that is what led to the formation of:

LOL! I know what a TPS Report is.

I am glad to hear it, but for those who didn't get the memo, they can watch this very important clip. I will need them to come in on Saturday to provide the answer to their test quiz on proper office space etiquette, so if people can get that done for me that would be great.

Sips coffee :coffee: No really, I am actually sipping coffee right now. And goodness gracious great balls of fire, its hotter then heck. Oh man, see now I've spilled coffee on myself, ahhhhh, thats the pits.

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