My post got deleted by FB. (Loving Zorin)

I enjoy healthy and spirited debate (Which is not the same as fighting). It opens the mind to examine ideas and assumptions and enables learning and growth.
We must do our best to remember to examine the idea, not attack the person.

But I see all forums as Forums for the Free Exchange of Ideas. They are places of learning.

Those that experience it are more likely to cut the Zorin Brothers some slack. :smiley:


OK, if it's appropriate to post here, try this:

It's a little something I wrote during lockdown. It is fiction (not too heavy), but concerns such things as tech control and free-will.

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When people come in wanting their tech support right now, its very 1-sided. And when we can't provide the magic fix solution, they give up and say, I'm going back to Windows.

But once you've been on the end of providing the tech support. You realize just how hard of a job it is, its not easy. Its even harder when you yourself lack some knowledge in providing the answer.

So, as someone trying to help another, you volunteer your time, to hunt down a possible solution somewhere on the web, spending minutes, sometimes even an hour looking for it.

It hurts when they say going back to Windows. And then if you accidentally make a mistake and provide the wrong answer and it makes their system worse, it makes you feel like an utter failure.

The stress, my God the stress, its real. So if anyone is looking to do tech support, just so you know, its not going to be easy. And frankly, I think I was more frustrated then the members coming on here looking for support, were frustrated with their own machines lol.

So yeah, its easy to come flying in here at MACH1 speeds, don't even bother doing a search, and yelling the words HELP! Its another being on the end of the person trying to provide that help.


I have seen a lot of that lately, too. My mental response is, "don't let the door hit you on the way out..."

It's also inevitable. Sometime,s they do not tell you important things they did that led to the situation in the first place.

Being a Moderator is even worse. It is NOT a job someone wants.

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And I knew it was, which is why I never requested it. And not only that, if you recall, I have on many occasion, and publicly mind you, said to that effect, that I didn't want to be a moderator.

Its because I wanted to make sure, just incase somebody up their in administration had any thoughts in their head of wanting me to be a mod, I made sure to send in my memo with my cover sheet on my TPS report that said, don't want the job, no thank you lol.

And I am glad to know that you understand how I feel about the tech support deal though. I am glad we had this dialog, cause I wasn't sure if we felt the same way about it, we never really talked about it I don't think.

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You hit the nail pretty square - a lot of that is what led to the formation of:

LOL! I know what a TPS Report is.

I am glad to hear it, but for those who didn't get the memo, they can watch this very important clip. I will need them to come in on Saturday to provide the answer to their test quiz on proper office space etiquette, so if people can get that done for me that would be great.

Sips coffee :coffee: No really, I am actually sipping coffee right now. And goodness gracious great balls of fire, its hotter then heck. Oh man, see now I've spilled coffee on myself, ahhhhh, thats the pits.

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Uh-oh...doomsday for most users that cannot upgrade haha.

@StarTreker, uhm yeah...did you read the memo about those tps reports...that would be great....thanks!

That movie is super great!

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Best movie that takes place in an office ever is Office Space! 2nd best I'd say would be 9 to 5 with Dolly Pardon. As far as TV shows, well obviously, its gonna have to be The Office with Steve Correl. I get such a kick out of Dwight Chrute, he's my favorite lol.

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I booted up my computer with Zorin on it. I saw software updater popped up. I went to install updates. Believe it or not, updates completed but, while updating, I did click on DETAILS.

And I saw a bunch of firmware not supported, like you were talking about. Again, updates still went through, but I thought that was kind of odd. I am like, how could 64-bit dual core not be supported in firmware support?

Makes no sense, I know that old 32 bit support is gone, but since mine is 64 bit, that don't apply to me.

Is there an alternative to Facebook that is more open source friendly?

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He was talking about me from a few years ago.... LMAO

As for FB. I've never signed up. Also never tweeted, insta-whatever...
No social media at all (with the exception of me-we because my mommy asked
over and over. And no one in my family even signs onto

Social media has far too much negativity for my liking.
I'm content just complaining about the lite
And with such good people on this forum, why would I need something else?

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I came off FB and deleted my account.

I tend to use Telegram now, but try to restrict to groups where I know the people in real-life.

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I don't do social media of any kind, I find it all pointless. I guess one could say you gotta really know people to make social medial work, like a network of friends you know in real life. Technically, Facebook was founded on the same way, but network with real life family, but over a net connection.

But when you have nobody to talk to, no friends in real life, no family members left, well, it makes all that social media junk fairly pointless. Usually its kids who go to school and make friends, are the ones who get the largest use out of social media.

Twitter, Instagram, their pointless too, cause again, it requires knowing people. And Instagram is perhaps the biggest fake of them all. Its a giant look at me platform. Everybody rates you based on how good that people think you are.

Basically, Instagram instills fake validity in people, and feeds on the pride of other's to further its true goals. Turns out Instagram specifically has been involved in making girls commit suicide, and they have even admitted it.

Its as its already been said here, social media, is nothing but negativity. But it feeds on negativity, just as the daily news does for TV. They know that negativity sells. If they can get your view, then they earn however much monitization they can off of you.

Twitter is just more of the text version of Instagram, but its the same sort of thing. I even find it odd that nobody is in Fear of Discord. Its popularity has been increasing at alarming levels. Because of its success, everybody wants to buy them, including Microsoft.

I believe the last reported networth of Discord was like 15 billion dollars now. So, its clear that Discord is very lucrative, and thats why big companies want to buy them out. They see the dollar signs, cause at the end of the day, people who are using Discord, well, I hate to break it to ya, but your being stooped like Windows users.

How do you think that Discord has grown so fast to be a 15 billion dollar worth company in only what 6-years now? Thats cause their mining your data! And thats why companies like Microsoft are really interested. They want more data, and they know once they purchase Discord, they can have it all.

The real truth behind social media, is its huge corporations way of getting to know you, build up a profile on you, then control you with it. As the AI continues to get smarter and smarter, they to will manipulate you more and more.

Humanity is already known as a race of zombies these last several years, its only going to get worse. So ya, I think our forum is a lot better place then social media for sure.


2 suggestions: both are completely free speech platforms.

Parlor - similar Insta.
Google, FB, Apple and Amazon grouped together and ganged up on them to try to "remove" them from the internet permanently last year when they became the #1 social media app download on Google ... and anything the evil corps attempt to stomp out is something that clearly empowers the people. - is almost identical to FB, (warning: it is very, very right winged) However, according to web sources, they are gaining approx 1 million users a day!

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Free speech including off topic posts? Or do they flag posts for off topic where people are just having a little fun?

I apologize if that offended you. However, I hope you can see my side in that I don't know you and couldn't hear the intonation of the voice behind your post. I had no idea what you were talking about and didn't catch any humor in it. I thought you were being serious, or were trolling me. It creeped out, tbh. So, yes. I flagged it.

Your username is Tink. Only Tink I know is in the Matrix. Figured you'd know the matrix with that username. So yeah, well, I'll be leaving now. I think my time here is done. I wish you good luck on here.

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Tank? I don't remember a "Tink" in the Matrix movies. I would have thought of "Tinkerbell", actually.

It is interesting, speaking of social media, that in being social, we must remember where to draw the lines in humor between friends and between strangers. Or as the comedians would say, "know your audience."

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