My zorin connect isn't picking up my phone and windows app support isn't working

Windows app support

Zorin connect error

Just keeps loading

Try see this thread for solution to windows app support:

I am Also using zorin 16.2 core edition but i cant download anything after sometime error comes i tried firefox chrome fast download manager xdm and others it doenst work and zorin connect isnt working also :frowning:

Open the terminal an copy/paste;

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

list the output.

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nop fresh zorin install hasnt been even 24h

If not already running I would install gufw (gnome uncomplicated firewall) - available in the Store.
Once installed, run the graphical interface (gufw-gtk needs to be installed) and click on 'add rule' - then use the preconfigured drop-down to select Zorin Connect and this allows port needed to be open to access Zorin Connect. To be honest KDE Connect works better than Zorin Connect which in the past was a mixture of GS and KDE Connect.
Install Synaptic Package Manager from the store and use it to install KDE Connect.

didnt work

Is your software updater set to Main Server?

yes And man i cant donwload anything first 100 mbs or 200 mbs will be fast then it will drop to 0 bytes i tired everthing

Can you please post the terminal output for

sudo lshw -C network


Windows app support works but downloading anything doesnt work

Ok your drivers for net look ok...

What do you mean, specifically, by downloading?
When I think of Downloading, I think of the Download tab in Firefox or using wget in terminal.
Are you referring to downloading things in Software Store?

everthing idm xdm wget firefox chrome it wil ldownload for sometime then stop idm said u need to configure firewall i did i allowed all needed ports still didnt work so i disabled firewall and still didnt work :frowning:

How strange...
Can you open a terminal and run

systemctl stop apparmor

Then test if downloading anything works?

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I do have discord, though I reserve it as much as I can.
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It is safer. It keeps a consistent record.
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Didnt work

systemctl start apparmor

Can you try a download in Chrome in Incognito Mode?

Are you using a VPN or other Proxy?

Have you restarted or configured your Router?

no vpn didnt configured router = no and i will try in incognito i am using cloudflare and google dns rn thats the only thing i changed