Nautilus drag and drop to chrome issues with Zorin 17 Core


I've been experiencing drag-and-drop issues from Nautilus to Chrome (version 120) since migrating to Z17.

For instance, when attempting to add pictures to a Gmail email, the "Drop files here" message fails to appear. Instead, it copies the file paths into the message or causes erratic behavior upon dropping pictures.

Although the "Drop files here" window occasionally shows up, it's a rare occurrence.

I've encountered the same problem with other Chrome apps such as YouTube Music and Google Photos.

I never encountered this issue with Z16.3.

Any one experienced the same problem?

edit : same issue with File Roller. Impossible to extract content to Nautilus using drag and drop.


Are you using fractional scaling on a 4k screen?

No, 1920x1080, 60 Hz with no fractional scaling.
Mesa Intel® UHD Graphics 620 (WHL GT2)

Have you tried logging in on Zorin Desktop on X to see if Wayland is interfering?

Zorin OS 17 has two particular things that are new and... interesting. It defaults to Wayland and the default Firefox is a flatpak. Both of these can interfere with applications.
Firefox, as the default browser, is used for Web Browser access for Nautilus. As a Flatpak, it may need mroe permissions to access critical system files since Flatpaks are containerized.

I need to check out how to connect to X instead of Wayland.
Concerning Firefox, there is no problem with drag and drop.
But there was no problem with Chrome before moving to Z17 !

At your login screen, you can click the Gear Icon to change which desktop youare logging in on.
If you do not see the gear icon, then click as though youare logging in as another user, then click the Gear Icon and select Zorin Desktop on X, then log in as your normal user.

I think I found the solution here : Drag and drop from Nautilus to Chrome doesn't work (while it works to Firefox) - #6 by megavolt - Software & Applications - Manjaro Linux Forum

It seems that Chrome was using Xwayland and not Wayland (imported user profile from several years).
In chrome://gpu, I noticed that Ozone platform was set to X11 whereas I connected to my session with Wayland.
I could replace "auto" by "Wayland" in chrome://flags/ Preferred Ozone platform

No more drag and drop issues. I can use Wayland now, and it is pretty smooth :smile:


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