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Well, you were close with the suggestion to look in the index theme text file.

The Issue is;

I'm trying to let Storm's icon show the symbolic files on both the main menu as the side menu of Nautilus. I know your icons (antares, azenis and prowler) and also the icons that I made to visualize those tiny icons do show them.
But the icons Storm made (neuron and nebula) do not.

I've been using his icons set as a base for mine, so my icons do show and the index theme files are the same. Although I copied the icons (nebula) in folder places and add the text symbolic to it they still don't show.

You used Neuron or Nebula as a base?

No no, please read the previous messages. I use shade of Green as base.

His neuron and nebula, resembles shade of Green (well the index.theme file does), that's why I'm perplexed why the symbolic icons don't work.

Will download both and test...

Where find shade of green?

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I have updated gtk2 gtkrc file. Please extract it to the themes Nebula/gtk-2.0 and see if it fixes the color issue.

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Sorry Storm, color issue? I hope you mean the print screen of Gimp that I posted while addressing your nebula theme.

Aye. As the default Gimp uses GTK2. The file should correct it.

It has changed. Thought I'd include inkscape too. The menu of both has different colors but I don't mind/if you don't makes a nice contrast.

Guess, you have Zorin-Core runnen in VB so testing will be of no problem to you now??

Third time is the lucky one :stuck_out_tongue:

Eh, but I can test it on Z16 Lite no problem.
I am testing using Neuron Purple. On all other icon sets, I see Regular Icons in the Zorin App menu.
On Neuron purple, I see only Symbolic-looking Icons for the Places in the Zorin App menu.
Looking in the directory /Neuron-purple/places/16
I see only the Symbolics, none of the regular.
So, I opened Scalable in a new window, highlighted all icons, copied - pasted into 16 to make size 16 copies - then tested the icon theme - all icons in the Zorin App Menu display the regular Neuron-purple icons.

Hopefully this helps.

All good now Storm (for Gimp and Inkscape that is) no difference in color.

Does this imply that also the symbolic icons work included those in the sidebar on Nautilus?

If so, then perhaps its a fault on my side/Gnome. I guess Storm does not mind that those symbolic icons do not look like his nebula ones. I'll look no further.

Um not exactly... and I corrected my post earlier to try to be clearer.
The sized 16 icons in the 16 folder look like the symbolic icons, but are not the symbolic icons.
By placing the copies of the .svg files into the folder, then they replace those, making the standard look consistent, but without replacing the existing Symbolic icons.

Correct, I had discovered that also with copy/paste.

im using nemo but it does not have the white window border

Not all app does have it.. Firefox for instance doesn't, but Brave does. I suspect that how the incorporate the gtk3.

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You might check for .csd vs .ssd window borders in the .css...

Not sure what Nemo would look like on .csd only D.E... I am having trouble picturing that...

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this is what it looks like on my screen