Need help choosing right Zorin OS version

I recently installed Zorin OS core on my labtop and pretty much all is fine except I get some high cpu use at some moment and it's very laggy whitout having a lot of things open or using high usage software. My computer only has a ssd of 125gb and 4gb or ram so I wonder if I should rather use Zorin OS lite?

Thank you

Just try it for now. You don't lose anything.

It's been a week I installed it and like it's not very usable like this to be honnest. I can't view a 3d model on sketchfab it literally uses over 90% of my cpu...

Windows 10 was even better in performances which is weird. But not sure Zorin OS lite would has better performances

It will.

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You see, Zorin OS core uses the "Gnome" desktop environment, that is well known for being not performant.

I use the Zorin OS lite edition, that features the "XFCE" desktop environment, muuuch lighter on system usage. When I turn on my system, no apps running but the desktop, I use 350mb ram.

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Zorin core works best with 8 GB RAM. The Lite version can work with minimum of 2 GB RAM, but the more the better.


(i got zorin os lite 15.2 workin on a 512mb ram thingie haha)

If Zorin Core is slower than Windows I would think something else might be going on.

Same, though it was sluggish.

Gnome is a heavy desktop environment as far as resource usage goes. The Gnome developers worked some magic, (to their credit) that makes Gnome behave quite lightly. Picture an elephant tip-toeing along.
On a system with enough RAM and compatible hardware, Gnome can seem quite light on its feet. But, anything that interferes with that balance between heavy resource needs and resource release, such as overheating of CPU, Low RAM, slow drive connection... Almost anything - can negate the imposed "lightness" and make Gnome slow to an absolute crawl at times.
It must draw on the needed resources while shutting down the things that speed it up and mitigate its resource draw. (This is one of the reasons, btw, that Gnome is so dependent on SystemD).

I highly recommend Zorin OS Lite for the O.P.

You may also look into a LightWeight like MX Linux, Antix or Linux Lite.
I personally use Zorin OS 16 Lite on my main rig. It is a new computer with good specs, but I prefer the Lite Desktop and its features.


Thanks to all of you I will definitly give a try to Zorins OS light :slight_smile:

I like this analogy because it is so true lol.

Ive just never seen it be slower than Windows in any circumstance but honestly most everything I have thrown at it has been at least midrange hardware.

Isn't Cinnamon kinda in between XFCE and Gnome? It seems lighter from what I have seen just wondering what your opinion on that would be.

@Avocadocs Zorin OS Lite is awesome by the way. It is the only XFCE desktop I have ever seen that I really enjoy out of the box. They made a lot of smart decisions with it

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Exactly; I would have worded this the same way. If Gnome is heavy and XFCE is light, Cinnamon is Mid-Range.
Interestingly, as much as I respect the Linux Mint crew, I must honestly confess I have an easier time bogging Cinnamon down than I do Gnome. But I have gotten Gnome to slow to a snails pace, much slower than Windows. Especially now with Windows 11 where Microsoft snagged the Open Source availability from Gnome in order to inspire ideas for making Windows also dance lightly on its feet. Win11 is much faster than Win 10.
I have seen Win11 outpace even Zorin OS Lite - and if that doesn't blow your mind, nothing will.

The current Modern Trend among users is the demand for Faster Boot and faster speeds and MS, with a large team of well paid and smart developers, answered that call swiftly to stay competitive. And they now have Lennart Poettering on their team.

Win10, on the other hand, I can beat in any race, even with a clunky build of Gnome.

I think Cinnamon does a good job of what it was made to do but I personally do not care for the look or feel of it to much and it is not very customizable. I would argue less so than Gnome. I do recommend Linux Mint Cinnamon to Linux new comers all the time, in fact I have several friends/family members running (and loving) it.

I have not given Windows 11 much of a chance honestly. Probably never will. I hate a lot of the decisions that MS has made since Windows 7.

Why do I need to guess if a setting is in control panel or the "settings" app?

Why has their start menu gone from being to cluttered in 8.1/10 to just being a glorified app launcher with Windows 11?

Not attacking you or anything. Windows has honestly always been fairly well optimized for what it is (thought they made smarter theming decisions after 7).

My main gripe with Windows has typically been all of the headaches. Especially Windows Update (Soooo annoying)

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I am not attacked as I do not defend Windows, much less 11. I must inspect it, I do not use it and I hope I can continue to avoid it like plague.
The Win11 App Menu is also an advertising billboard, now.

There are those that deny that Windows will update against your will, though I have sat and watched it do it right in front of my eyes many times.
Your image is so true.
And it absolutely will do it on any reboot without any need for confirmation or consent.


I agree 100% .... even Win 10 would do that to me until I went to 10 Pro and used a program called "Win 10 Don't Spy On Me" .... I was able to shut down ALL Win updates and went to the manufactures website for hardware updates ..... this is on my Asus ROG which came with Win 10 Home installed and has never since it was new 4 years ago seen a Win update .... now I dual boot with Zorin 16.2 Pro and a stripped down version of Win 10 with no updates .....

My old Acer never saw a Win 8.1 update in it's lifetime of 6+ years and still going strong but with Win 7 Pro on it for retro gaming .... and no updates as you know Win 7 has expired .....

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I have a Win10 VM that I hardly ever use and it feels like every single time I start it is configuring an update. I do not even know where it finds the time to download them usually it only runs for like 5 minutes lol

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It is possible to reduce Gnome's resource consumption and I am comfortable using Zorin Core on my 10-year-old laptop. However, in my experience the CPU would need to be Intel Core i series or better.


Interesting conclusion here. I don't touch w11. Installation only with Microsoft account. W10 is the same clone w11 with some diffrent desktop. I liked using Linux and w10; I can taken observation with both. On new pc exist Linux distribution. My friend suggest pop os. I choice fedora. I liked Evolution Linux in four Families - slackware,Debian,Ubuntu and Red hat. I want experiences with them to better know,how they working and how they fast and stable.