Netbook stuck on 'Zorin' screen

Hi everyone,

I have an old netbook which I dual-boot Zorin 16 and Win7.

I followed the instructions on this forum to install XCFE4 as I prefer that look - all good, no problems, switched off the netbook this morning with everything working fine. Just booted it back up and it gets stays stuck on the "Zorin" screen and doesn't boot and further.

I know specs of my netbook are very low, but it did actually run quite decently until this problem.

OS - Zorin16 Core

Like I said, I did install XCFE as per this post (OS 16 Core with xfce). No errors or problems.

Any ideas?

Did you install LightDM as well?

Yes, I did.

Did you do a kernel upgrade ? Try booting into a older kernel.

It may be that the DM is the problem. I would boot to Recovery Menu, then enable networking. Then, drop to prompt. sudo apt install gdm3 and configure gdm3. Test a normal boot.


Fab! That worked - Thank you so much for your help :smiley:


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