Network Drive Mounting

Can i get a step by step instruction on mounting network drives on my LAN?
the network drives are on a windows machine.
many thanks in advance

One that worked for a user: Network Problem with Windows 10 Connection
Here are some more options:

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how about on Zorin 15?

The first link is of someone on Z15. The second link was to a 18.04 Ubuntu solution which is also what Z15 is.

This might help

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@Slo-Motion Are you on Core (Gnome/Nautilus) or Lite (xfce/Thunar) ?

Yes that's done but I can find the place through a Wine app for instance I wanna save a file direct to the server

I'm on ZORIN 15 LITE

Connection refused by server

@carmar i still need a simplified guidance for mounting my network drive

Sorry, I've never done this myself. I'll defer to others on the forum.

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I found this:

You may not be interested in the terminal part, but he states clearly in his opening post that he has access to his networked drive (mapped)

And her goes into detail about mounting them automatically at boot (3rd post down):

I'll see if I can find/create a step by step.

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Automatic mounting

Note: You may need to enable systemd-networkd-wait-online.service or NetworkManager-wait-online.service (depending on your setup) to proper enable booting on start-up.

As mount entry

This is a simple example of a cifs mount entry that requires authentication:


//SERVER/sharename /mnt/mountpoint cifs _netdev,nofail,username=myuser,password=mypass 0 0

Note: Spaces in sharename should be replaced by \040 (ASCII code for space in octal). For example, //SERVER/share name on the command line should be //SERVER/share\040name in /etc/fstab.

Tip: Use x-systemd.automount if you want them to be mounted only upon access. See Fstab#Remote filesystem for details.

From the automatic mounting section of samba wiki:

This should also make them available in thunar in network or other locations.

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i feel getting the terminal part helps me understand ZorinOS all together

i didnt have to go far,Paradoxons entry helped me find where the network drive is(is it mounted idk) and i can get it in my wine apps

thank you @337harvey

im gonna try the mounting bit tho