Network icon

somehow my network icon on the taskbar has disappeared , and i cant find a way to get it back ?
any ideas ?

I'm not quite sure how this happens, but my computer forgets that it has a Wi-Fi chip on 10-30% of the times I boot it. I then reboot and the icon appears back. This happens with all Linux distros (although I've only tried Ubuntu derivatives). Maybe you are equally lucky.

If you open settings, are the Wi-Fi and Network items there (should be the first two)?

all i see by settings is network configuration.
look,my network is working ,all the time, it's just the icon that disappeared.
wired Ethernet connection btw.

in the "add to panel" , network connection doesn't show

there is no network indicator in my system panel widget to add.
i update and upgrade frequently,but cant tell if icon disappeared after that,i didn't notice.

just found this , that's the same as yours , it worked.
added the status tray plugin.
thanks a mill !