NetworkManager not suport Wireguard

Hi, Zorin 16.2 use the NetworkManager package 1.22.10-1ubuntu2.3 without Wireguard support.

Can i get NetworkManager 1.26.2 or higher (Ubuntu uses 1.40.0) and get the Wireguard GUI?


Wireguard support has been on Network Manager since 1.16 actually, you need to install Wireguard in order for it to work though. Gnome has not integrated into the system as of yet, which is no surprise there.

If you want to get it installed a simple google search turned up this:


Thanks for the reply, but on the step one says:

Step One: Check Requirement
In order for you to be able to configure WireGuard VPN client with NetworkManager GUI, you need NetworkManager with version 1.26.2 or higher.

I use Wireguard daily in terminal with Multiple VPN profiles and its just easy use the GUI.

If i use any free distro i get the GUI, Pop, Mint, Ubuntu, etc. I paid for the Zorin 16 but probably on Zorin 36 when no one uses WG and moved to another VPN protocol Zorin team update the package.

If i add Ubuntu repository install the updated package and remove the repository will work?? :no_mouth:

try this :

WireGuard configuration ProtonVPN

it might be easier.

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