New kernel result in black screen

A bit tedious, but maybe you can install any missing packages using the Zorin OS Stable repository. If you don't notice it missing, you may not need it. :wink:
But for that which you do, fortunately you can install any you see in the list with One sudo apt install command:

No need to add any repositories since it is already in your sources.list.d

Please be sure to notice the Update above regarding the 5.11.0-36 kernel over the 5.11.0-34 ; should you need to apt-mark unhold the 5.11.0-27.
The ZorinGroup responded quickly on this.

I have the server on main server in software and updates.
And notify immediately when updates are checked.
The kernel 5.11.0-27 I marked as unhold
but I don't get an update option to a newer kernel
Could you please explain to me how to install the new kernel 5.11.0-36?

In terminal, can you please run

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

that command got me back to the kernel 5.11.0-34 instead of the 5.11.0-36
maybe it hasn't been released yet

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I was moving quickly in hopes of sparing as many people as possible from headache.
The 5.11.0-36 was offered on my end- but has now disappeared and is offering the -27 again.

I can only assume that the ZorinGroup noted that the -36 failed testing too.

I apologize for my zeal; Let's stick with the -27 for now.

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I added the kernel revision number to the title for clarification.

Per the OP's wish I changed back the title.

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Damn it yet. Don't change the topic title! This is not about kernel 5.11.0-35 but about updating to kernel 5.11.0-34!
And I don't have your problem, had you read the topc correctly you would have noticed that I can't change drivers.
Start a new topic instead of polluting this topic

Zorinhendrik, I certainly understand your frustration at logging in to find that an update combined with Nvidia caused a headache.
However, please review here:

We are all volunteers that seek to help. We can make mistakes or not catch the entirety of a situation sometimes, but should never be abused for our efforts.
That being said: You both experienced the same problem: The updated 5.11.0-34 kernel (I don't care about a -35 typo) and FrenchPress's comments are relevant and on topic.

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I don't agree with that at all.
FrenchPress is doing something here that would ensure that the problem is solved which is certainly not true.
I can't switch to another driver that FrenchPress could do.
That makes it something completely different.
I don't have one screen, I have three next to each other and in Zorin OS 15.3 I had an Nvidia driver but here in this case a manually installed driver that I can't change to the driver
I'm sure if I can switch to the driver I upgrade to kernel 5.11.0-34

My apologies to FrenchPress

And then this: sorry I'm schizophrenic and autistic.
I can't help but not accept FrenchPress' story as a possible solution and change the title to 35 instead of 34, certainly not.

Maybe it was a mistake on my part to seek help here

To fix this try:

sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall

FrenchPress is doing her job as Moderator to keep the thread accessible and to propose possible Solutions. If anyone was trying to "fake" a solution, we could just mark a post as "Solved" and then lock the thread. In not doing so, it demonstrates sincerity.

This forum is a guide and a resource for everyone. It must be a welcoming place that users can feel comfortable not only seeking help, but offering it. It must be welcoming for Lurkers and Readers to see that they will be treated fairly without undue assumptions, accusations or personal attacks.
Whether you choose to seek help here should be guided by those principles.

This is now addressed fully. Further commentary should remain on the topic of the drivers or kernel issue, otherwise I will close the thread.

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It was to no avail.
Your command, on the other hand, has now ensured that I can change drivers.
So I tried with Nvidia driver 470 to upgrade to kernel 5.11.0-34 which resulted in the same problem: black screen.
Then I tried with the nouveau driver but the problem persists.
So my previous thinking of changing to the nouveau driver is not a solution.
I have to get stuck at kernel 5.11.0-27

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At least you are able to switch Graphics drivers. In the meantime, the ZorinGroup is alerted to the fault in the 5.11.0-34 kernel. We can only await their response on the matter.


Friendly thanks.
Is there a way to remove the kernel 5.11.0-34 from the boot list?

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Yes, you can remove the kernel

sudo apt remove linux-headers-5.11.0-34

sudo apt autoremove

Don't forget to apt-mark hold the -27 until a fix is released.

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In the meantime I have tried everything but unfortunately no working Zorin OS 16 Core with kernel 34.
In the end I downloaded Zorin OS 16 Core r1 hoping that the new release would work, but unfortunately, it won't boot either.
Now I have Zorin OS 15 Core back on the computer.

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Hey dude, please don't feel too bad ok? Yes, I know, you were hoping for Zorin OS 16 Core to work and it didn't due to kernel related issue. But you just said you were able to put OS 15.3 back onto your machine and its work great right? So thats still a win!

When I was a kid the only computer in the house got zapped by a virus, and it knocked out my only machine, I was totally devastated! So at least you still have a working machine. And best part is, you didn't have to go back to the OS that shall not be named. (Windows)

I have a proposal for you, if you don't mind me entertaining the idea. How about you wait till Zorin OS 16 LITE gets released, which will run on XFCE. Its gonna be lighter on your hardware, and 10-times more customisable.

Then I'd like it if you could try Zorin OS 16 again, but this time with LITE. Then let us know how it goes. And of course our awesome team of support staff will be here to help you should you have any issues with the new released LITE version when it comes out.

And you never know, it may just work, and if it does, I am going to be so happy for you. :blush: So how about it, sound like a good idea?

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Hi StarTreker,
that seems like a good idea indeed.
only Zorin OS 16 Core with kernel 27 worked perfectly, so I would like to have that version back on my PC. But you can no longer download it.
Zorin download page now shows Zorin OS 16 Core r1 version with kernel 34.
In any case if there is no solution I will give this one a try when Zorin OS 16 Lite comes out
Thanks for your idea


Eureka, it worked.
I installed Zorin OS 16 Core again and then opened a terminal with network capabilities in recovery mode and updated everything
Everything works now, hooray
Welcome Zorin OS 16 Core to my main computer.

Yes, the 5.11.0-36 kernel was released not long ago.

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