New to Linux - a book review

I am not sure if this fits in ANY of the forums here - I'm not asking for advice, and this is not specific to Zorin. It's just that I left Windows for Zorin, and some of it has been super smooth, some of it has been a bit confusing (and maybe more related to modern operating systems than specifically Zorin/Linux). I bought two recent books to help me and just reviewed the first one, Linux in Easy Steps at
It may be that the review goes off the rails into areas that are more about people adjusting to a new OS or Linux, but perhaps it gives useful info on a beginner's mind? Or maybe not. And there may be no forum here for it, in which case feel free to delete this post!

I still have Zorin issues but I accepted many are related to annoyances with Gnome, so I'm looking forward to Zorin 16 Pro xfce, which I think will work better for me.


You are on the same boat as many of us.

At least I know that your new printer is working perectly under GNOME :wink:


Do you advice test Zorin 15.3 ultimate xfce? If will working great, then Zorin 16 Pro xfce could be a Perfect. Waiting for Santa Claus from ZorinGroup?


I've installed so many OSs this year I'll just wait for Zorin 16 Pro xfce. I'm sure I'll like it even more than the Gnome version. It will be more of a surprise fi I haven't used xfce before. :slight_smile:


I waiting for xfce. Maybe my graphic card will be better working and no black screen when Zorin working.


I've just started Linux for Dummies (Richard Blum, 2021). It seems like exactly what I wanted. It is funny and easy to read, yet seems comprehensive - it covers all six options for running Linux on a PC. It has whole sections on desktop environments and covers xfce, Gnome, KDE Plasma, Mate, Cinnamon etc. I immediately feel like this will explain a lot more than the book I reviewed above. So far: highly recommend Linux for Dummies to new Linux users!


Lemme guess.

  1. Linux only installation
  2. Dualboot with other OS's
  3. Windows Subsystem for Linux
  4. Live session from CD/DVD or USB
  5. Obtaining a Linux pre-installed machine
  6. Running Linux in a virtual machine on other OS's

Did I guess them right?

81 free ebooks. Checked that is true. I have some near 4GB linux PDF books.
I have Wiley Linux All-in-One for Dummies 4th (2011)

You are totally right, though they just grouped things slightly differently:

The book covered:

  • Linux only
  • Linux on a different hdd/ssd from another OS (dual boot option)
  • A single SSD/HDD partitioned and having two OSs on (dual boot option)
  • Windows, with Linux in a VM
  • Linux, with Windows in a VM
  • Live distro

Windows Subsystem for Linux: not included as an option (since it is too basic at present, they said) but it was covered as a future option.


Thanks for the confirmation :slight_smile:
Actually I do have a 7th option.



Nice! My system of 3 USB sticks, each with a different OS that can be installed or run live for emergency situations reminds me of that, because each USB is a different colour! Green for Zorin Linux, Red for Emergency Linux, Blue for Win10 (urgh).

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My troops of Linux on USB:

which belongs to a USB brigade:


That's a (gulp) lot!

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This is what will happen when you do not have a wife nagging for the computer related expenses. My husband is befitting from my passion for a technology. He never has to buy any peripherals. For him, it is a mater of walking into my office and just ask for it.

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I've never heard of this distro.
Would you mind share it with us?

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It's just this one:

It can access the Internet via a web browser; can restore the boot menu (in theory); and has gparted. I used it a few times in my first week! There may be better options though.


Ah, OK.
I do have it. You can see it in my photo :slight_smile:
It is the second one from the bottom.

Boot Repair is indeed a Swiss Army Knife :switzerland: for any boor related issue on Linux.

Ok. The linux over years is changed very much. I heard some books many years back are not usefull, because a "organism linux" is very changed. That means what books we need reading? 1 year ago , 2 year ago? Someone can answear about that question. I mean on websides is very much linux books or library and online shops. I saw Debian have a book here

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