New to Zorin OS and not impressed

As the title says.

Ok, I installed on the old Netbook Acer Aspire One 722 (CPU AMD C60/1GHz, 2 core, 8GB RAM, HDD WD Black Scorpio 500 GB 7200rpm) both Windows 11 and Zorin OS 16 on the same HDD, each on its own Partition of the same size.
First, of all, Zorin isn't faster as than Windows 11 Pro!
Starting Windows 11 Pro fully needs 2min 9sec!
Starting Zorin OS 16 to be fully loaded, needs 2min 26sec! While starting Zorin, the Z-Logo stands for 59sec before moving to the name Zorin!

Maybe that problem is able to be solved! On Windows, setting the Power Mode to Performance, the speed of the CPU is using Turbo Mode (up to 1.333.3MHz), while on Zorin, the CPU Speed is locked at 1GHz (1.000MHz)! I was trying to 'adjust' the CPU Speed to 1.333GHz, that failed and jumped back to 1.000GHz!

And here we are at the point I looking for help: how to enable the Turbo Boost in Zorin OS 16?

Overall, Zorin OS 16 looks very promising and seems to have quite some advantages comparing to other Linux Distros! I'm not really good at Linux, I hardly have used it a lot!

If there is any way to get it works faster than Windows 11 Pro, special to get the Turbo Boost working, I really would appreciate any help with that!

Thanks a lot.

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For the record, 1.3GHZ is only 300MHZ faster then 1GHZ, your not going to see much of an improvement there. But if you really want to adjust it, you can do so by the CPU Power Manager extension.

As far as boot times, this is greatly dictated by your storage memory speeds, your RAM speed, and of course, CPU speed.

When Zorin OS LITE is released, I suggest switching to that, as I feel your SPECS are a bit too low for CORE.


Well @StarTreker thats why i posted my videos about pop os boot time and zorin os.

Zorin os is indeed slower in booting compared to pop os and windows 10. This really needs a fix. Pop! OS is als ubuntu based.

@quaxth, try Pop! OS 21.04 and see if booting geta better for you.


Yes, true, but!

The OP's hardware SPECS are low, like really low. Like, too low for CORE, which means too low for Gnome desktop. Gnome is a resource hog, and I think its also too much for the OP's machine.

I really wish the Zorin brother's would speed up releasing LITE, cause many users need it right now. Jeff is going out of his mind waiting for LITE. And the OP in this thread needs LITE, like, right now.

So regardless, if its Zorin OS CORE, or POP OS 21.04, they are both Gnome at the end of the day. And Gnome pretty much requires a minimum of 2GHZ CPU and 4GB of RAM in my experience.


Even if it is to low, his specs do run windows 10-11 (windows 11 beta, rtm wont run btw). Linux is not as high demanded as windows is. So i understand why he posted his message.


Please go to the software store, and install the STACER APP. Then please launch Stacer, wait 30-seconds, then take a screenshot, and post it here for us to see please. Here is mine bellow...

Intel P6200 CPU 8GB RAM Integraded HD GPU

After system boot...

After being on for many hours...


A few seconds difference makes no problem for me in boot up... I MEAN REALLY.


@StarTreker: Thanks for your answer!
The Turbo Boost is up to 1.333.3 MHz, which is a third more then the initial 1.000.0 MHz, and that is a lot for such slow and low level machine.

This is screenshot of Stacer:

[x-special/nautilus-clipboard copy file:///home/somchai/Pictures/Link%20to%20Screenshot%20from%202021-10-03%2009-50-51.png]

How to run Chrome Browser on Zorin? Or SlimJet Browser?

Also, I mainly use PostImage for to take Screenshots and place just an Link to such images in BBCodes on Posts! Will that works on Linux/Zorin too? The link to PostImage is:

As I already told, I'm not Linux save at all!

Hey, thats ok, neither was I 6+ years ago. And even today I am still learning new things on Linux believe it or not. Linux is like a rollercoaster adventure. There's ups and downs, and all arounds. But Linux is an OS thats lets you do what you want, not what a greedy corporation who wants to use you as their product.

Don't worry, we've got you covered. You can use both the Chrome browser, and the Firefox browser on Linux. And in the future if you want to play around with a browser that is highly customisable, there is Vivaldi.

But for now, you would like Chrome, Chrome is one of the few apps not found in the software store due to legal reasons. Go to the link bellow...

Download the 64-bit.DEB file for Ubuntu. Don't worry, Zorin is based on the Ubuntu distro, so its all the same. Click Accept & Install. The file will most likely not start auto downloading, so click on the link that says download manually.

Once downloaded. Click on the :zorin: logo at bottom of screen, its like your start menu on Windows, so it should be familure to you. Then just type "Files" click on that, navigate to the DOWNLOADS folder on the left side of the window. You should find your downloaded file there.

Double click on the DEB file, which should take you through the easy process of installing, much like Windows EXE files, so again, should be fairly familure to you. Once installed, go to the :zorin: logo again, now type Chrome. And there you go, launch Chrome.

Now you can login to your account on Chrome, and do whatever tasks you need to do with your browser. YAY for you!

Also, we Zorin users love using the SCREENSHOT app, thats what works for us. Click on the :zorin: logo, type screenshot, click on that. You can tell the APP to take screenshot of the whole screen, or just the window/APP you have open, its very easy to use!

I can't remember if BB codes work here for posting images. But I can tell you for sure what does, HTML codes work. And I post images from my IMGBB account. :blush:

I think your pretty stellar for switching to Zorin OS, so you just earned the rank of stellar, provided by me, cause thats what I think you are, stellar. :star2:


I use Windows 10 home edition and Zorin OS 16 pro,
while Zorin OS boots up in about 72 seconds, windows takes 189 seconds.

Intel Pentium N4200 @1.1Ghz
500 Hardrive @5400 RPM

I know they are like really low, zorin also sometime has snappy performance but i can say it still works better then windows


Zorin OS boot time:

Pop! OS boot time:

Play them both at the same time in the forum, you see 10 sec difference.

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The very first thing you should do is replace that WD Black HDD with a Samsung 860 EVO SSD. That old HDD is slowing your entire system down to a crawl. I cannot emphasize this enough. I have made computers older than yours tolerable to use just by replacing the HDD with a SSD. They are worth every penny, no matter how old your computer is.


I would second that. Most of my drives are EVO. Have one Kingston which I reckon is a good cheaper alternative.


And I am going to third that cause I am just stellar :star2: that way lol.

I am typing on an old dual core notebook, 2011 tech. Of course it came with a mechanical drive as all computers did back in the day. But this computer was as slow as a slug and a snail on a sidewalk!

After switching the mechanical HDD out, and sticking a Samsung 850 PRO in it, holly molly guacamole batman, she's much faster now! So yes I highly recommend SSD drive.

And modern computer's today use what is called NVME M.2 SSD drives, and they are like 5-times faster then even the old Sata III SSD drives. SSD are the waves of the future. Nobody got no time to wait on no HDD.

We toss the HDD and get onboard with SDD, and you better believe it, thats our SOP.



In regards to boot times with Zorin and Pop OS.

Pop OS uses efistub booting and that can be quite a bit faster than Zorin and most other Ubuntu based distros that use grub2 as their bootloader. The amount of services started during the boot process will also affect boot times.

You can run systemd-analyze and systemd-analyze blame to get more information about the boot process.


No, seriously..
Zorin os boot time is too long. It takes almost 2 minutes for my PC to boot from switching it on to taking me to the desktop. I dont really know the cause.... My computer's hardware specs are Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50GHz, 4GB HDD and 4 cores.
But will it improve if i switch to Zorin LITE?

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You can switch to LITE now, but it's previous version of Zorin. If you can wait for Zorin to release OS16 LITE, that be better. Up to you.

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Thanks for all that answers.

A lot to do and also to think about! That will need some time to be done if it could be done!

Overall, I play a lot with low-powered Netbooks. Thailand is maybe not as advanced as you guys are thinking! Income is quite low, special at this Covid Time!

Zorin OS 16 is by some means really near Windows 11! All of my customers are using Windows OSes and the related software as well. Now, with Windows 11 and the implemented restrictions by Microsoft, for some of my customers, the time is coming to change! That is everything but an easy task!
The first step is always to test things on my own systems! If that could be done without too much hassle, there will be a real chance to implement changes to my customers as well.
As long as the system will not get slower as the already used MS-Windows 10 Pro, which all of my customers using for some longer time already, I'll have fewer problems for implementing some changes to a new system, special if it's looks like the former used OS.

If I get Zorin working in most real ways, I'll try to force my customers to change.
First, I've to get many things working in Zorin and that's what I'll do now.

Thanks for all of your advice!