New Zorin Install won't boot

Folks, I've been here under dual boot hardware as I thought my issue was hardware. Long story short I've removed all HD's except the one that I have just installed Zorin on.

This time, I let the Zorin Install do its own thing without any manual partioning by me and it sure seemed to go smoothly. Once done I was told to reboot and did as well as removed the USB installation stick.

The computer came back with a "Reboot and select proper boot device". Hmm. I then went to the BIOS utility to tell it that I wanted the computer to start from my the new Zorin installation. Each time the computer comes back with the same words, yet, when I put the Installation USB stick back in I can get the computer to start from it in Zorin.

What is missing from the HD that keeps it from booting? Remember this is now the only HD on my computer.

I appreciate everyone's help on this. Sincerely, Pridanc

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