Newly installed RAM is not detected

Of course this might now be Zorin related. I already did search about the possible solution but didn't work. Even the solution provided from Linux Mint forum. hahahaha. But my newly installed ram didn't detect by my computer.

When I check here, and even Asus manual say so, I can upgrade till 8gb Memory RAM & SSD Upgrades | asus | asus notebooks | X302LA |

I already check if it seated well and yes, reseated many times and yet still

I only know how to solve this if this was desktop but this is my first in laptop so I wonder any suggestion. Thank you in advance. I'll still look for solutions in the internet.

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I added a tiny grammatical correction in the title.

If I understand well, there are 2 slots for RAM in you laptop?

You have the original 4GB in the slot 1 and installed this Crucial 8GB DDR3L-1600 SODIMM into slot 0.
That would exceed the total RAM allowed for this laptop, no?

Could you point me to the ASUS site for this model?


I only installed 4gb ram. Didnt buy the 8gb ram since this is for trial only. Other words 4 + 4

bdw, the one I link with crucial is the capacity of my laptop. My newly installed is kingston 4gb ram 1600 mhz 1.35v same with my current.

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Thanks for the clarification.
I had a close look at the screenshot you posted.
I noticed the new RAM on slot 0 is detected as DIMM
while the pre-existing one is detected as SODIMM.

DIMMs are used in desktop computers and servers. A DIMM (133MM) is about twice as long as a SODIMM (67MM). DIMMs can carry features not normally found on SODIMMs such as ECC and REGISTERED.

Can you give me the model number of your laptop?
I need to see the manual.

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asus X302LA. I also link the manual above.

If this dimm is for desktop, then why does it has a built for laptop?Just curious

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I just noticed the line above says, no module installed.
I did not know it until today, but if there is no RAM in the slot it is shown as DIMM.

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I saw the manual.

Can you swap those 2 memory modules between 2 slots and see what will happen?

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Hello Rui, StarTreker is here after a long day of, I had too much stuff to do, and happy that I am done. lol

OK, this is a very interesting issue that you are dealing with. My first question for you, and this is very important. When you purchased your new RAM stick, did you make sure to match the DDR version type, and RAM speed type exactly?

While FrenchPress is looking at the manual, I'd like to look at the link to the RAM you bought, please post it here if you haven't already. We really need to make sure you bought a match. No, the brand is not important to match. But the DDR version weather DDR 3 or DDR4 or DDR5 has to match, and the RAM speed has to match.

It is possible the RAM is defective, but we won't know for sure, until you go into the BIOS, and see if your RAM is detected there, and make sure you take a picture of your screen so we can see it, when you do a check in the BIOS.

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Okay It got confused me to the point Im about to chat the seller but technical things isn't their thing too so we might end up in argument. hahahaha

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hmmm the other one is built in that's why ...

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Built in, as in soldered RAM? Soldered RAM would show up as DIMM I believe, indeed.

Oh, horror :scream:

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Can you remove this new RAM and check meminfo again?

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Ya, came right out of halloween that laptop has. Can I just say guys, I absolutely detest all heartedly, when manufacturers solder RAM to motherboards, cause their too cheap to provide 2 RAM slots, to allow you to upgrade.

It is so against RIGHT TO REPAIR, I am not even kidding. StarTreker is heavy annoying at the maker of Rui's laptop. StarTreker will need to give the manufacturer a talking to. StarTreker puts on DARK HELMET, and goes to have a talk with them.

Dark Helmet Good Is Dumb GIF by Leroy Patterson

Reading further down the User manual. I saw this passage:

IMPORTANT! Visit an ASUS service center if you want to upgrade
or replace your current RAM modules.

I hope ASUS did not white listed RAM module.
If that is the case, only solution is go to ASUS service or flash it with mod BIOS (like I did for my HP Netbook).

If it is Rui's first laptop, flashing with mod BIOS would be too complicated.

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That is what we supposed to do go to ASUS service center but my father just failed his promise so I buy ram. hahahhahaha. This is me. Failed your promise to me and I show something. hahahahah

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Asus are supposed to be known for making quality gaming machines, the kind of quality that can rival other's like MSI. But from what I am seeing, depending on what model of Asus laptop you buy, you could end up getting screwed.

If it were me, I'd sell that laptop and buy a better one. But thats just what I would do. Your option is obviously up to you. Yes, you could try and find a place to send your laptop, wait a month or longer for it to come back with the RAM fully upgraded and ready to go. I wouldn't wait that long though, I'd just sell it, buy a new machine.

Either your new RAM is defective or the RAM is whitelisted by ASUS.
There is no way knowing unless you have another spare laptop around where you can test this new RAM.

One more possibility is that slot 0 is defective.
Looking at the vintage of this machine, I suppose it is out of warranty now. And you would never know till you trying to install a new RAM, you have this defective slot. Life is not fair....

For the third opinion, @Aravisian what do you think about my diagnosis?

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