Night mode stopped working

yesterday my night mode settings stopped working.
I clicked "night mode" on the bar to access the settings: it was still set on "manual", but "from" and "to" fields were changed, showing a schedule I did not choose.
I played with the settings and I set a new timing to cover the whole day, but nothing happened, still not working.
More: after this attempt, the "night mode" icon completely disappeared from my menu bar (still accessible from the settings, though).
menu bar

Anyone experienced anything similar? Or any idea on how I could solve this?
Thank you and have a nice day!


Can Gnome Users clarify; is NightMode a Gnome Extension?

Might this help?

I'm talking about the night mode accessible from settings > devices > monitor. It's not a gnome extension.

As you can see it's on but not working (and missing symbol in the bottom bar).

Perhaps it is package auto theme:

sudo apt install --reinstall zorin-auto-theme

Nop: it did not work, restart included.
I found this on the internet: it could be a gnome control center issue, so they suggest to (referring to ubuntu 20.04)

sudo apt-get install --reinstall gnome-control-center

What do you think? May I give it a try?

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Definitely worth trying.

It did not work: all still the same

Have you checked your Local Timezone on your computer to ensure it is set correctly?

The settings window for my Night Mode looks different from yours.
I am running Zorin 16 Pro.
Are you using Zorin 15.3 or 16?

Timezone correct, checked.
The disappearance of the night mode icon from my bottom bar is the issue somehow, I guess: it's like it's not recognized anymore, preventing it to work even if on.

Have you checked the app indicator package?

This is like Pulling Teeth.

Not checked yet, I'm not such an expert so I don't know how to do it.
I just tried the 2 --reinstall suggested in the previous posts.

I actually ran into the same issue. So, I disabled Night Light and installed Redshift instead (you can find it in the app store). It works really well. Just make sure you enable Autostart after installing.Screenshot from 2021-11-07 17-56-17


That exactly what I use in Mint Linux (Cinnamon) .
It never fails.

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The icon only appears when the night-light is active.

Ignore if you insist on manually setting this, but if not, try the "Sunset to Sunrise" option. You need to also turn on "Location Services". When this option is selected, the correct times will fill in immediately. Your system will adjust them as time goes on.

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Sorry but I've been away from home for a while.
Don't ask me why, but it started working again, more or less.
I mean: if I set the schedule from 04:00 to 03:59 to have the night light always on (as it has always been set since I started using Zorin) it doesn't work... but then I played again with timing and now set on a different time frame it works (07:00 to 05:58). Weird.
By the ways, I think "Always on" should be an option in the night-light settings, to be added to the already existing "Sunset to Sunrise" and "Manual".

Thank you, but I really wanted to keep using the system night-light, without any external program.


You might be able to fix it by enabling Location in Settings>Privacy. I just tried this and it worked for me. Don't ask why I didn't think of it earlier :wink:.

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I just came to the same conclusion after reading down to @Topaz post above. Tried it and as soon as I toggled the radio button on the top of the Settings/Privacy/Location Services screen, my 'Night Light' turned on immediately and actually stays on from Sunset to Sunrise.
I also don't know how often the Night Light polls for Location Services, or if it only requires that first toggle action I mentioned above. Either way, when disabling the radio toggle for Location Services again, the Night Light stays on - though again, for what duration I don't know yet.

SUGGESTION: I do think it is a good idea to add an 'Always On' radio toggle instead of requiring the user to either know about this Location Services dependency, or wasting time searching around Google or forums until they can MAYBE find this issue and post.