No boot menu after installation - login into windows10 as usual

no boot menu after installation - login into windows10 as usual.
what is the matter?
I installed before, mint, ubuntu without a problem

@charger Hi and welcome to the forum.
Which version of Zorin did you install e.g. Core, Lite etc?
How did you install, is it as dual-boot with Win10?
Is your machine going straight to Win10 and not showing grub menu with Zorin and Win10 choices?

Some more details of what you are seeing (maybe a screenshot) would be good to illustrate and help others on here understand and help you.

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Could be #4 here: USB boot install

Did you install Zorin OS before Windows? or install windows first before zorin os?

Try booting using the Live Zorin OS then use the Boot Repair application (which is already available on the Live Zorin OS) and follow the steps to fix it.

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One of my friend also has this problem. He installed zorin using sd card (using card reader). Zorin was installed. Later when told to restart it boots into Windows 10. Grub Menu is not shown. In BIOS Boot Menu, It only shows Windows Boot manager. He is using an acer laptop with 500gb HDD.

Has he tried Grub Repair?

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GRUB is not even shown

Please follow the guide Posted above.

I have the same problem. i have installed the Zorin OS Education version and installed via USB alongside windows 10.
please guide me.

@Aks_2006 What do you see after you boot your system?
When you installed ZorinOS Education, did you look at these pre-installation tips shown here: Before you install