No wifi adapter found Zorin Lite

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Will that work if I installed Zorin Lite “in place of” windows (yep- wiped hard drive…) I didn’t find ANY drivers available. [msg states: Unable to download firmware updates…Cannot resolve hostname].

TechNut, can you provide a bit of history and details that can help us to approach this question?
What hardware are you running? What symptoms are you having in wifi failing to work?
The message

Unable to download firmware updates…Cannot resolve hostname

suggests that the repo for your firmware updates is giving a 404 error.

From the side:
Intel Pentium Processor E2210
NVIDIA GeForce 7050 Integrated
320 GB HDD
3GB DDR2 Memory
A cpu (emachine) purchased new '09. It always seemed ‘screwy’ since a younger person took control of it before I had access. Of late I’ve tired of microsoft, windows; started exploring options. Watched videos, finally took the plunge. I realized that installing Zorin “in place of” windows (not alongside) had some risk, but didn’t think that I’d have no internet access initially.

Contacting the Help peeps, they said to run the command:
sudo lshw -C network > wireless.txt
[At 1st I thought the ‘l’ was ‘I’ but no matter how I ran it got no joy on that. Trying different ways of entering command, I got this other reply: “You should run this as a super-user”. Can’t think of any more ‘super’ user than myself…
[I am a rookie - willing to learn, invest time, etc. but in the meantime I’m counting on the highly-touted support commuity].

So, given that the firmware is giving “a 404 error” - should I consider it kaput?
P.S. I read earlier here that Zorin OS ‘kills usb’s’. I used one to transfer the OS onto the desktop; can’t read it now (at least not on this windows laptop). Thanks for all your help. I plan on supporting you all once I get up-and-running; totally worthwhile cause(s).

No, not at all. At this moment, I am multitasking heavily. scanning the thread, I caught this line, but I have not fully read the details, yet. Dealing with coaching balancing an engine, but will return in a bit.
No, Zorin OS absolutely does not kill USB’s.
The thread you read commented that BalenaEtcher, an app for writing to USB sticks, is accused of it. But accusation does not equate to guilt.
I understand how you feel. You took the plunge and at the moment, you are worried that everything is broken and nothing will work. But your hardware was built for windows- We just need to do some troubleshooting, is all.
Let me “undivide” my attention and I will return to this thread- and in the meantime, others may also provide solutions, too.

Ok, a double-post:
TechNut, open a terminal (ctrl+alt+t keyboard shortcut) and paste this line into it

sudo apt update

Please paste the output of that to show which repo entries are giving any errors.

Next, in terminal paste in

sudo apt dist-upgrade

This is to upgrade or add to any packages you need. This action may even resolve your issue… But in case it does not, we stand at the ready over here.
Let’s say that your issue with wifi remains after running the above commands.
Let’s try building your wifi
In terminal paste in each line

sudo apt install build-essential git

This installs “git” for grabbing some packages from source
Use it to get the packages:

git clone

Now use the ‘cd’ command to change terminal to that directory

cd backport-iwlwifi

Now use the ‘make’ application to make the build

sudo make

sudo make install

With that built, we need to give root access and instruct the computer to use it. While GUI installers normally do all this for you, we are doing this manually for now. Good Training

sudo -i

Enter your password for root.
Now configure it

echo “options iwlwifi disable_msix=1” >> /etc/modprobe.d/iwlwifi.conf

Exit and reboot your computer and check for wifi.

Please take all the time you need. I am very happy to give this whatever it needs - I’m a learner (and at first, I start slowly). During the week. I keep busy w/ ‘living’ in general. Weekends are best for me to give this as much intensive work as I like. Don’t let me drain your valuable resources; willing to wait. As I said too, I am happy to $upport this effort. I’ve recently taken a harder stance against the monoliths of microsoft etc., and am very glad to learn to ‘break free’. Thankfully, Hubby wasn’t as distressed about my ‘adventurousness’ as could have been : D

In fact. you’ve given me hope & a joy of looking forward to (what will be for me) a really fun project. So, how may I donate a little something now?

I’ll add to this as well. Providing that the troubleshooting yields no joy (I hope it does) there’s always the option of buying a USB WiFi dongle.