Nostalgia - Do you reconize this?

That's never going to fit in a smart phone! :joy:

Must have been shipped by Amazon. They use boxes far bigger than the product.


Your not wrong there! :thinking:

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I only recognise that as a Steam Punk wristwatch. Very nice.
Reminds me of the beautiful Steam Punk computer hardware:

Guess you could call the above 'New Retro Nostalgia' - that's because nobody was around at the time, nor did the tech exist at that time either! :rofl:



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I love it. I looked up some info and you can buy the computer case:

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Yes, my first real computer was an Amiga 1500 with 2 3.5" Amiga Floppy drives and 1 Mb of onboard RAM. Publishing the local Trade Union Health and Safety Bulletin when I was Health and Safety Officer took 20 minutes to print one page off on a Canon BJ-200 using PageSetter 2! But the results were outstanding!

When I sold all my Dinky and Corgi Diecast model cars and Action Man toys and accessories I upgraded it with a SCSI controller (Oktagon 2008) which cost around Β£80, 1 Gb SCSI drive which cost Β£239! Oh and 2 Mb ZIP RAM, and a few years later another 2 Mb ZIP RAM - booted faster than the Windows 98 machine with AMD 400 MHz Processor and 384 Mb of EDO RAM! Oh and no Y2K issues with the Amiga - it's onboard clock goes up to 2099! Love this?

I went to his page and sent him a Super Llama. :wink:

What is a Super Llama? ok I'm old :joy: :joy: :joy:

I do not know, either. :expressionless:

On DeviantArt, users can award other 'deviants' with Llama badges and Super Llama badges.
As near as I can tell, these badges are functionally useless and do not have any known purpose other than offering the feeling that you got something or gave something.
Initially, the Llama badges were a temporary lark... But the 'deviants' liked them so much, they became permanent.

There you go I give you 25,000!

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That was a kind effort, but they all Ran Away...


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Hi, I think some of the Deviant Art stuff is now out of date. However, I did manage to SteamPunk my Devuan 3.0 a while back. That curved panel at the bottom I suspect is Cairo-Dock.

My SteamPunk Desktop that I had on Devuan:

You can still get the clock shown in Centre of the image if running KDE Plasma.

I sort of replicated the look on MX-Linux 23.1 KDE Plasma:

My favourite SteamPunk desktop was when I ran Netrunner 15 KDE - now defunct - the project that is - they moved to be with manjaro.

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