Not able to download zorin 16 Pro

I hope I am in the right place as I don't know how to get around here, yet. Just the other day, I purchased Zorin 16 Pro. I got an email showing how to download, Early this morning, I tried downloading, twice. Twice, it failed. The first one that I tried was about half way complete, before it failed. You had a post where I should try again which I did. The second time, it failed again at about 2/3 through. I don't know why this happened but I wish that for the price, you would have had it on a flash drive. I know it would cost extra, but it would be well worth it. It takes a long time to download; about 1 hour, 15 minutes at 1.1 Mb/sec. By all means, that is not a slow download for the computer I have.

I understand there are two versions. I went to my email and it says to download from here, My registration number is? [obscured]
Why would the download hang up? Do you have a fix? I am very eager to get Zorin on my computer and any help that you have, I would appreciate. By the way, there was no error number that I found. Thank you very much for your help and have a nice one and stay safe.

@ezymel I have amended the title of this thread to add "Pro", to distinguish you as a paying user and therefore can receive support from the devs.
I have also obscured your registration number as we don't wantthe whole world to see that on this public website :wink:
I will try and bring their attention to this by adding these tags @AZorin @zorink
You may also send them a support email, although they may take time to reply, as they are a small team of 2.

I do not know your location, but maybe you are attempting to download a peak times for server. I suggest you try again at a completely different time of day.


Good job Zaba!

In the future, please read pinned threads for newcomers, there is a very good reason why I made this post bellow, for this exact reason.


I'm not sure that option is valid for ZorinOS 16 Pro.

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I think there is only one download link given in the purchase receipt. But a different time of the day might help. I remember this determined member got up 4 in the morning and successfully downloaded Pro installer.


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