Not booting in standard, but other kernel version OK

After installing Zorin 16.3 Pro on a new HP 250 G9, I had trouble booting.
For installation I had to choose grub2, otherwise Zorin installation wouldn't load. I don't know if that is important to mention.

I made it work using one of the other kernel versions, accessible through Advanced boot options -> Kernel 5.15.0-91 or 5.15.0-78

Now my question is: How can I boot directly into one of these kernel versions instead of the standard one? I don't want to having to choose it on every boot. A Restart doesn't work anyway, because the options menu doesn't show up.

You can set default boot to an older kernel using this method:

Or, you can just uninstall the later kernel that is grabbing priority.

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Thanks, this is a great tutorial and it does work very well for a normal system start. The only thing missing is, that when I restart Zorin (not turn off and turn on), the boot is again stuck in an eternal loop it seems.

But I can live with that. I hardly restart anyway apart from after updating the system which I could do by hand as well (turn off and on again). Still a bit weird though. Do you know of any logs that could point out what's going wrong exactly while restarting?

You might check this supplied answer and see if it relates to your issue.

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