Not sure how to get taskbar back

I clicked Remove when right clicked on the task bar by accident and now i dont see the desktop. I have tryed some methods on the zorin forums but cant seem to get it back.[Processing: 17011875738491603948605762586639.jpg…](zorin lite)

Your profile indicates you are on Zorin OS lite.
Tap alt+F2 and run


Gives an error

If after restarting you're still not seeing the panel, you can re-create it (though from scratch) by going into Settings -> Panel. If you can't access settings you should still be able to launch a terminal with Ctrl+Alt+T and enter xfce4-settings-manager:

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Ok, in terminal please run

sudo apt install --reinstall zorin-os-lite-desktop

Once completed, reboot and you should be able to see or launch the panel and other desktop elements.

This gives the same error

Nothing happened

XFCE is not my expertise, but what about cleaning out some config files in the home directory.

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Can you please be more specific?

"nothing happened" would imply that quite literally, nothing happened. However, I already know that running that command will reinstall the Zorin OS Lite desktop environment, so I know that something happens.

Clicking the "Remove" button on the xfce4 panel will remove the element on the panel that is targeted by the right click. It will not remove the entire panel.
It will certainly not remove the entire desktop environment.

Please detail everything you have done. Please double check as to whether you are on Zorin OS Core or Zorin OS Lite since clicking on the Gnome Panel and selecting "Remove" can remove the Desktop shell.

It installed, but as i restarted the laptop nothing changed.
This is zorinOS lite

The desktop is gone as well so maybe I temoved the desktop shell idk


xfce4-panel --restart

now that you have reinstalled the desktop.

it give the same error as before

Again, can you please detail what actions you performed, uninstalls, installs, trouble-shooting steps...

As it is, the tips provided in this thread should have worked.
Since they did not, there is something more going on here - and we cannot proceed without detailed information that can give us necessary clues.

I use Zorin Pro Lite. A few weeks ago I clicked 'Delete' in the taskbar, and my taskbar disappeared (why I did this I cannot remember - perhaps getting old). After a lot of messing around I right-clicked on the screen, located "Applications", and went to 'Zorin Appearance'. Clicked a different layout, everything appeared normal, then went back to my usual layout, and it was back (including the taskbar).


How is it that I do not have a "delete" option in my Zorin Lite panel context menu?

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I cant even right click it

Gday @Wheee ,

Can you open "Zorin Appearance">"Layout".
Change to another layout, (Watch it change) then re-select the layout you wish.
Did this help?
If not:
If you regain the "Taskbar" on another "Layout" , While in that layout goto "Taskbar settings" & check your setting..
eg: hide panel/behaviour/etc. to see if there's a setting that may effect your desired layout.
Hope this may help.

I am sorry I did not put my brain in gear before replying. The right click offers "Remove" not "Delete". But like magic the panel disappeared.

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I don't understand this. If you Right-click in the centre of your screen, you should get a menu of 11 items starting with 'Create launcher', then down to the bottom 'Applications'. Click this, get Settings, then Zorin Appearance. If this doesn't happen, I would begin to think about re-installing Zorin OS.

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