Notebook Dell Latitude E6420 go to sleep every start

I had the purchased Zorin OS 16 installed on my Dell Latitude E6420 laptop with 16G RAM and SSD disc. Always after starting with the lid closed, the laptop sleeps and only after opening the lid does it continue to boot. Can someone please advise me what to do with it?

AS far as I know, laptops used to be like that. I never encounter yet a laptop that didn't sleep when the lid is closed. When I use old model Dell and Fujitsu, its the same experience. My current do it as well. It also applies with notebook pc. My mother's notebook (acer) have it that way. Mine is a notebook pc so...


Thank you for the quick reply dear Rui07 but this is not what I expected :frowning:
Do you collect points for a higher level this way?


And Rui07's response is also the same I would give given the wording of your post. It sounds like you are complaining that when a notebooks lid is closed, it sleeps. This is normal behavior.
Can you define what different behavior you would like to configure?

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I have a laptop on the original Dell expansion box, I start it with a button on the expansion box and still I have to open the cover of the notebook, The previous version of Zorion OS 15.3 did not behave like this!

Are you using an external monitor on the notebook?

To change this behavior, open a terminal and put in

sudo nano /etc/systemd/logind.conf

Arrow Key down to:
Remove the hashtag to allow the system to see the setting and change suspend to ignore:

ctrl+x to exit, then y key to say yes to save, then enter key to save the file.

You must log out and in to see the change.

Alternative method for Zorin Core users:

Install gnome tweak tool:

sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

Under the Power setting, toggle the switch do nothing when lid is closed.

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This was completely disrespectful and completely uncalled for. There is an expression, don't bight the hand that feeds you. Rui is a really stellar person, who put fourth their time, to help you. The least you can do is thank them. You have been warned.


You owe an apology to @Rui07.
He is one of our best volunteers.

Until you realise the problem in your attitude, most volunteers including myself would not be very eager to help you.


Yes - thank you to everyone who has something to say on the subject. Yes, thank you very much and I apologize to everyone who was affected by my comment. I don't want to argue or run flamewar here, but Ruis07's answer from my point of view was, so to speak, empty = zero information value for me. On the other hand, I would like to thank Aravisian for the very specific answer that helped. Aravisian MANY THANKS.

While I understand your frustration, it cannot be an excuse for your rude reply to @Rui07.

We are not paid customer service. We are all volunteers who dedicate our time to support Zorin OS.

The comment you have made would be very damaging to the community. It would turn off a lot of potential volunteers to join the constructive discussion.


Yes - thank you to everyone who has something to say on the subject. Yes, thank you very much and I apologize to everyone who was affected by my comment. I don't want to argue or run flamewar here. :innocent:

Please apologise directly to @Rui07.
That is the only way to solve your attitude problem.


This is very true.
Those that volunteer and offer help must be treated with courtesy and respect in order to encourage continued active help.
Remember: A specific post may not always be helpful in itself, but the poster is still being helpful.


Rui07, I especially apologize to you but your answer seemed to me informationally empty = with zero information value for me - just stating the state in my opinion really does not solve anything.
But I apologize once again.

Is this my apologise directly to Rui07 correct from your point of view?

An apology addresses what you did that is worthy of an apology, rather than repeating blame on the other person.
Thread closed to allow everyone to reflect on what it means to respect and show courtesy to those who help.
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