Nvidia 340driver issue with 5.11 Kernel

Hi to everyone i will leave my feedback on unsupported 340 nvidia driver (mx310 in my case).
After normal setup Zorin x64 Core (with connected internet - updated repo) on boot i just see the mouse pointer in black screen as reported from many user on web.
I followed this step:

and Install Nvidia Drivers on Ubuntu 20.04 {3 Methods}
But it was no working...

After some search i found there is not good compatibility of nvida 340 and kernel 5.11...
i solved my problem by install 5.4 kernel by following this step:

sudo apt purge nvidia*
sudo apt install --install-recommends linux-generic
Reboot, and select kernel 5.4 at grub menu.
sudo apt remove --purge linux-generic-hwe-20.04 linux-hwe-* linux-modules-5.11* linux-modules-extra-5.11*
sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall



This is correct. Old Nvidia drivers are not supported in modern kernels. It makes sense why the 5.4 kernel worked with the 340 driver, I think it was one of the last kernels to actually support that driver.

Back when I was on Zorin OS 12.4, I was using the 340 driver for quite awhile, until I was able to update to the 440 driver. But then I discovered Zorin OS 12.4 no longer received kernel updates, and without newer kernels, I could not use a newer driver.

So, just one of the many things that forces to us to move on when we want to use newer hardware lol. In your case it was the total reverse, you needed older hardware support. I am actually impressed that you are able to use the old 5.4 kernel on OS 16.

Good deal! :+1:


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