Nvidia card on zorin

let's download mx linux!Screenshot from 2021-10-29 15-59-29
the blazing fast wifi
but, for everyday tasks, i'll use zorin forever. It's magic

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You know that you can easily dual-boot MX and Zorin.
It is way easier than dual-boot Linux with Windows.
Windows think it is the only OS under the Sun and has this tendency to overwrite the boot sector for our headache.

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You have a thing that i like. You can say most important things of life in a couple of words.
PS:Windows 10 is garbage

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My english is a mess. Cause I'm Italian...(like pizza!)

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Save your words till you see Windows 11 in real.

I am running it on a 10 years old unsupported laptop out of curiosity and to prove that I can outsmart MS's hardware compatibility check :sunglasses:

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I am Japanese ...(like Sushi) :sushi: :tea:

Sushi is great.

i thought you were Japanese by that

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I can't use windows 11 cause with my connection it takes 24 hours to download 6 gb.
But if you done this it means that you're smarter than the whole microsoft team

I'll set my own post as a solution.
thank you guys for help!!!!!

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I do not see it as a compliment :crazy_face:

Starting from Windows 98, MS has two OS developer teams.

Team A: Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10
Team B: Windows ME, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 11

You see, it is not that hard to outsmart this Team B.


Did you try this one @Nicolaco_08

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I am not so sure if he tried 340 driver or not.
BYW, nice to see you back from a break :slight_smile:


tried it. But i need to downgrade my kernel.

no, old stable kernel is too young for my gpu :rofl:

yes I did. I even reinstalled later cause my system broke