Nvidia G98M geforce 9300M GS

HI All
Im new to Linux. Yesterday i have installed a nvidia version of Zorin OS16. The problem is that the rezolution of the screen is only 640x480 and also I can not click on the manual driver installation:-(
Please check the pictures
Cold anyone help me with my issue ?
Many thanks

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I’m so sorry for the sunrise pictures added by mistake.


CTRL ALT T to enter terminal.

sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall

Once installed, reboot your computer.

Then go back into Additional Drivers. You'll be good to go.

Pick a proprietary only driver, don't pick one that says tested in its name.

None taken, they look great. Thanks for the share :).

If the above steps from @StarTreker did not work you probably have to install the driver manually. Your nvidia card is legacy which means nvidia will not update it anymore. Your last driver is 340.108 from December 23, 2019.

If you need to do a manual installation follow this guide and download the 9300M GS Notebook drivers on the nvidia site. It looks hard to do so, but it is beginners friendly.

Thank you for a quick reply
I think I will reinstall the Zorin OS
I think I have messed up something before :-). I will try your advice after fresh install

Thank you

Thank you for a quick reply.
I will reinstall the Os first :slight_smile:
Thank you StarTreker and Michael for your advice I will try your advice and let you know

Thank you

I am sure @Michel and @StarTreker can solve your problem. Both are pretty knowledgeable about NVidia GPU.

I just wanted to compliment for those awesome photos you posted. Are those your own photos? Very impressive :heart_eyes:

Thank you :slight_smile: FrenchPress. Yes the pictures are my i took them where i was on holiday El Toston Castle Spain last month :slight_smile:


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