Hello everyone.
When i install the os everything is fine, my gtx 970 is detected and runs fine, the drivers work. But after a few restarts, the driver used is the llvmpipe instead of nvidia. I know my graphics card is still detected but for some reason it directly switches to llvmpipe and i cant go back. Not instaling updates dont seem to change anything.
Did this happen to anyone else ?
Thank you very much

Screenshot from 2022-01-20 23-35-37

Try boot into previous kernel. It might have to do with the kernel upgrade some days ago.

Hey ! Thank you, i might just need a bit of help, i know how to enter grub and save the default version. But i have no idea how to actually change the kernel.

Try this: [HOW TO] set an older kernel to default boot

Hey. Yeah that's the one I looked at. Only problem it requires you to boot into the wanted kernel before doing anything. And this is what I don't know how to do.

You should be able to choose an older kernel from your Grub screen on startup and selectiing the Zorin Advanced Options menu item.

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I had that screen when it was a dual boot. But now it doesn't show up.
I tried hiting escape at startup. But it shows me a command window and I don't know what to do with that.

Try tab or left shift key - Tap like you are spamming the button on Mortal Kombat.

Il try when I'm back

Doesn't seem to do anything, the escape button does get me into grub, but there is just a black screen with command line input, not zorin interface.

Type exit at that screen and look for any errors.

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