Off topic question about Pop! OS

That means when the reputation of our forum spread among POP users, we might have to give support for them as well. I hope you will stay around here for a while.

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Same goes for elementary OS. They have a stack exchange page instead.


I was not planning to go anywhere. Pop os and zorin both are ubuntu based so support should infact be the same. Pop os has a lts version based on 20.04 like zorin but they also have a semi rolling release every 6 months. Current one is still 21.04 and 21.10 is in beta.

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Good morning Michel,

I have tried a couple of your suggestions. I did find OpenAL32.dll in the windows folder under Picasim. Deleting that made no difference. I also started the game and went to settings/sound and the system sound was still set midway. I also tested the sound using the buttons in the sound system window. They worked but the game still has no sound. I have lutris installed but don't know how to set up a custom runner. I installed the game using PlayonLinux and just let it do it's thing without trying to change anything.

Hi citfta,

Maybe you can try my tutorial for that. Post 1 is about installing Steam, wine and lutris. Post 2 is to add a custom runner in steam amd lutris.

Please follow post 1 and 2. Zorin is not using the latest version of wine and lutris (at least not when i used it)

Hope it will work for you.

Can you revert this file back ? I was talking about the game folder (Picasim it self)


Hi Michel,

Thanks for the tutorial. I followed your directions for installing under Litrus and using the latest wine runner. When I told it to install, wine downloaded another program it said it needed called Mono something. I forgot to write it down. Anyway I now have sound on PicaSim. Thanks so much to all of you that have helped me. I have marked your post as the solution.


I am happy to hear everything worked out for you :sunglasses:. Enjoy your game(s) and your pop os installation.

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