Oled screen with zorin

Are there any problems with zorin os 16 on OLED screens some people reported that on an OLED screen the brightness is really low, but that was an old answer.

So if anyone installed zorin or Ubuntu on an OLED screen please answer my question.:pray:

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On Zorin OS 16, OLED should work fine, including brightness control.


I don't have any OLED displays, thats an expensive piece of technology that don't last very long.

Good news: You shouldn't have any problems using your display on Zorin OS 16.

Bad News: You got an OLED display. LOL

So you might be asking yourself, why does StarTreker say that is bad? Well, OLED technology has the best colors and best blacks, since the original Plasma displays.

However, if you have been watching LTT video's as of late, there are two major issues with OLED, and Linus paid a price for those mistakes. The first issue, burn in, and boy did his screen burn in badly.

So using a computer with a OLED display, please be careful, don't let windows just sit on the display for long periods of time without moving the pixels. If your going to walk away from your display, turn it off.

The other issue, OLEDS when they begin to die, their brightness goes, and they get dim. So, it won't be Zorin OS making your screen dim, it will be your dieing display.

Conclusion: I feel in my opinion, that OLED displays cost far too much, even to this day, for the life performance you get out of them. They simply do not last long enough to justify several thousands dollars.


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actually in india asus launched good quality oled screen laptops for Rs 60,000 its like $857( this is the price of a budget laptop in india 'cause of the taxes) and thats kind of a good bang for a buck.

in india you generally get an i5 or ryzen 5 laptop from Rs 55,000 i.e $786.
so in india usable(i5 or ryzen 5) laptops start 786 dollars so according to that $857 is a pretty good price. but yeah the burn ins pretty bad so i guess a normal ips panel would be better then>

thanks by the way!!


Thank you for teaching me a bit about what its like to purchase computers and what they go for, in India. Your right, thats not a bad price at all. Cause thats about what your average computer goes for these days in America too.

Chromebooks are about the only thing that is cheaper then that in America, but Chromebooks are Google only, and they are limited at all the thing thats they can do, as compared to a standard computer.

Yes, in india Chromebooks come from $300-400. Which is fine but you can't code on them right. They are kinda just made for kids.


You have no idea how much I agree with that statement right now. There is one user in the Linux community who has caused by blood to boil, he switched to Chromebooks, and acts like they are the greatest thing since sliced bread, when they can't even do what my MSI computer can do.

Then the same guy I am talking about, tests out Windows 11, and then proceeds to say nothing but positive things about it. Chromebooks are not real computer's, they will never measure up to my MSI computer, or any real computer for that part.

You have no idea how happy I am with you that you understand the truth as I do. If I could give you 100 likes, and 10000 stars, I would. You are amazing! :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2:

Chromebook are like those little Chinese toy computers we used to get as kids on which we could only play snakes and ladder and some barbie song used to play through the speakers.

I know you can find many windows supporters who blindly follow what ever windows says and try to teach linux lovers what operating system is I m like "dude we make the operating system's you use" you don't even know what real terminal is.

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