Oracle VirtualBox Memory Requirements for Zorin 17

I have Zorin 17 core running as a guest OS in Oracle VirtualBox 7.0. Previously I had 16 core also in Oracle VB. When I set up VB I originally allocated 4 GB memory. I noticed that my various browsers, Opera, Firefox, Edge flickered a lot with Zorin 17. So experimented with the VB memory allocation. The flickering seemed to go away when I set the memory to 10 GB. My Windows computer only has a total of 16 GB memory. Is this because Zorin 17 has higher memory requirements?

I use 8 GB on my Z17 VB installation which was installed while waiting for the upgrade to launch. In the display setting in VB settings make sure that the maximum amount of memory is set. 17 is suppose to use less resources.

When you say maximum amount of memory, that would be 16 GB on VB setup. However, that's the total memory on my laptop. I shouldn't have to allocate all of it to Zorin if I also want to use Windows simultaneously, would I?

That's strange, I don't usually assign it more than 4GB and works normally, other than not being able to run multiple things at once.

Yes, I had only 4 GB allocated when I was running Zorin 16 in VB, and it ran fine with no flickering. But something is different with Zorin 17.

Maybe I need to start over from scratch. Blow away my existing VB instance, create a new one, and install Zorin 17 fresh. I don't have any critical data in Zorin. I'll just have to reinstall my apps.

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The difference is that graphics by default is controlled by Wayland instead of X - this might be the issue. When you get to login screen and select your user before entering password, a cog should appear bottom right - click on this and change it from Wayland to the other Zorin option.

Thanks, but I reinstalled zorin 17 from scratch. I'm running into a different issue. I did something to make the taskbar disappear, and I can't seem to get it back. Any ideas about that?

I think Aravisian would recommend reinstalling the Zorin Desktop - back in a bit - need to post something on another thread.


On initial search found this nugget of possible cause:

You could also try:

sudo apt --reinstall zorin-os-desktop