OS 16.3 Detailed Walkthrough - User Manual with Slides

Greetings Techies!
A newbie to Linux!!!!!
Please provide me with a reference to OS 16.3
Detailed Walkthrough - User Manual with Slides.

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Hi Guy,

There are minor differences between 16.3 and 15. Please take a look at the unofficial manual I created for Zorin 15.

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Appreciate your prompt response! Thanks to you for all the effort
in creating the manual.
Gives us Newbies a Great start.


Hope you find it helpful. I am intending to write unofficial manual for Zorin 17 once released. :wink:

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Please do it!

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On page 31 of the manual: refers to Dynamic Panel Transparency
On the site I read comments from users that it has been replaced. My understanding could be wrong. Please advise.

Having visited the page you have to use the correct shell version which I think is 42, in respect of Zorin. Different distributions use different versions of the Gnome Shell.

Zorin OS 16.3 is on shell 3.38

Flatpaks or Snaps may rely on sandboxed versions of Gnome 42.

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Thank you for your response. How do I do this?

Review this comment from Martybug:

For Gnome extensions, you must stay with the System version, not Flatpak.

Thank you for your response!
Applying what you say. How do I download the Dynamic Panel Transparency
Your support is appreciated. I am a complete Nembie to Liniux OS.

I do know that the gnome-shell-extension-dynamic-panel-transparency is highly likely to conflict with the gnome-shell-extensions-zorin-taskbar.

The dynamic-panel-transparency may work with zorin-taskbar extension disabled. Your installation method may need to follow:

Follow the instructions below the line Installing from source (3.22+)

Thanks for your response!
Your opinion please. As a Newbie to Linux Os i.e. Zorin would the installation of
the DPT now add value to my skills experience?

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It should make you aware of how to use Gnome Extensions, and from memory you need to install Gnome Tweaks so that you can turn extensions off and on, and also integrate gnome-extensions into Firefox. You have to remember that the Dynamic Panel Transparency was needed by someone having issues with Zorin 15 which is why I updated the unofficial manual to address a specific problem for a user using Zorin 15.

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Thank you for your response.
Much appreciated!