OS install crash macbook

Hello guys,

I'm asking for help to install Zorin 16.2 on a Macbook pro 7.1 (mid 2010, 13")

My Zorin installation crashes all the time. I tried Zorin Core and Lite, Safe Graphics, install with and without third-party software/drivers, another USB stick, change USB port and no luck.

If I "try" Zorin, it just works.

Downloaded again the ISO files, used rufus and belenaEtcher and it did nothing.

And no errors at all, the screen just freezes and the mouse icon gets kinda glitchy. Sometimes it crashes after the "update" screen, other times after the "installation type" screen or even while copying files.

Tried Ubuntu and Xubuntu without any issues.

May be something about the grafics card? its a Nvidia 320m.

Just did a hash test of the two ISOs and everything matches.

Thanks in advance

I have found that some USB installations of Linux (including Zorin) on Mac hardware are sometimes problematic. However I have had 100% success by burning the ISO onto a DVD and installing with a DVD player (internal or external).

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I don't know if it will help, but there are a number of links to installation advice for Macbook users here: Installing Zorin Pro 16 on Macbook Pro 2010

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i was facing the same problem when i tried to install zorin os.

make sure u DON'T connect to wifi and skip the “check for updates” option ( u can update that later after the installation ) but DON'T skip the option to install 3rd party drivers ( u don't need internet connection for that )

i hope that helps

Thank you all for the help..

Tried everything without luck. Even changed the Rams.

Got tired and went with another distro.

On day I tried again doing what nfratom said and it worked.
I did not understood why because I tried before.

But it's installed and doing the updates right now.

Thanks again.

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