Installing Zorin Pro 16 on Macbook Pro 2010

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If this question is answered elsewhere, please let me know and ill delete this thread. I am wanting to install Zorin Pro 16 on a spare Macbook Pro 2010 I have and wanted to know if there's anything that isnt working? I know some users have had issues dual booting, this will not be an issue for me as I will replace the entire drive with Zorin. Are normal things operational like wifi, backlit keyboard, webcam, etc etc? How is the support for display port video out? If this has been answered elsewhere or if theres a guide I missed, please link me and thank you for the help.

If you ask: why a macbook? I think the build quality and feel of Macbooks are amazing and even though its an older machine it has creature comforts that I like and my house is full of macbook chargers. I would normally just buy a nice aluminum ultrabook to run it on but I'm tight on money and have this in a drawer and need to use it. I still need to buy an SSD and a new battery for it but even though its old its still better than my current T430 as far as feel and portability.

There are several thread about Macbook Pro.
(You can search with keyword with :mag: next to your Avatar.)

A few example threads below:


Thank you for the response, I will check that out now.

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Welcome to the forum! Please in the future use the search function to locate info as it help the Mods who help for free work on other topics not solved yet. Here you go installing on mac


I've have Zorin 16 running on a late 2011 macbook pro. Not my main Z16 machine though. Main reason was to bypass the damaged Radeon Graphic Card, as this one was already on my warehouse of damaged electronics :). The main issue right now is the wifi driver instability, apart from that all running smooth but I havent tried some Hw stuff, like the SD card or the DVD drive.

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I have a solution for you :slight_smile:


not a pretty solution but for sure it will help out my wifi issue :slight_smile:


Can he pick one ? :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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