Panel of ZorinOs lite

Hi, I recently decided to try the Lite version of zorinOs, specifically the 16.3 and I have encountered a small error, it turns out that when I tried to remove a program from the panel, it has disappeared completely, I could not reset it, I tried all ways and nothing. in the end I have no choice but to reinstall the system, will there be any solution if it happens again?

A simple restart can fix this, if not then
You can run this in your terminal to start the panel

To open terminal ctrl+alt+t


Can you be a bit more clear? Do you mean the application got removed from the system, or the panel disappeared?

This is a known bug with XFCE. You can in certain situations remove something from the panel and the whole thing will go away. Running the command suggested above should bring it back though.

There was a discussion on this subject back in November. It seems to be a random thing in XFCE. I have tried to duplicate it, but I cannot make my taskbar disappear again. My suggestion at the time was to right-click in the middle of the screen, and choose 'Zorin Appearance' from the apps listed. Then choose a different layout, which would be complete, then go back to your preferred layout. I am sure there are other solutions as well, but it is disconcerting to lose your taskbar including the Start menu.

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