Partman crashed with code 10

I'm trying to install ZorinOS on my second SSD after previously uninstalling Fedora and wiping the drive. My setup includes two SSDs, one for Windows and one for Linux for which I'm trying to use the second one for zorin. I tried to create the installation media using Rufus because Balena Etcher wasn't working when I clicked "Flash from file" nothing happened. I selected the option to install with NVIDIA graphics when installing zorin.

Checkout this thread:

Yeah I tried that and it just doesn't install, I formatted the partitions many times I did the "something else" option did everything manually and simply cannot manage to set it up I always get an error, It's so frustrating lol I didn't have any problem installing the other OS

Try installing without selecting graphics and updates etc. You can add later once you have a bootable ZorinOS.


I had to di it like @zabadabadoo mention or else I couldn't install Zorin OS - it will just hang. Afterwards I install the driver and everything was good.

This solved it, thank you so much! I was going crazy lol. Do i install the drivers through their software app? or do I have to manually install that through the terminal

You can go to Software and Updates>Additional Drivers tab and select one from there. See example screenshot in this post: Install a more updated Nvidia driver - #2 by StarTreker

You may need to research which is the best driver for your specific Nvidia graphics card. If you can tell us which Nvidia graphics you have, someone here may be able to help suggest one for you.

EDIT: Also note Z17.1r2 is now being released by the devs with later Nvidia drivers. See: Zorin OS 17.1 r2