PCIe to USB addon card

I will soon buying adapter usb pci-express. Any advice which version to buying to working properly?

I have a couple of suggestions but as @zabadabadoo suggested, you should start a new thread for that.

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The PCIe to USB 3.0 add-on card I use for my Zorin desktop is this: Inateck KT4006 (2 ports)

If you need more ports, Inateck KTU3FR-502U is a 7 port version.

Both cards have Frescologic FL1100-EX chipset which is compatible with Linux (and Hackintosh I might add).

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This help many when moderator move some topic to the same problem. Very thank you. I check if my country i can get this type adapters.

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Are you from Eastern Europe?
I hope there is such thing as Amazon equivalent.
Almost all my computer parts came from Amazon France and England.

I am in zone Shengen. More complicated to buying anything.

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It does not necessary to have an exactly the same model.
As long as it has a Linux compatible chipset on it, you are good to go :slight_smile:


all coming from made in China then probably all have near the same chipset.

Yup, I see some Linux compatible cards there.

Not necessary so. Some might be from Taiwan.

I wondering on the shop must be some describe what type product will be a comatibility with linux.

Yes, the first one on the list you posted, says for Windows, Mac and Linux.

May be a good idea to go to the item manufacturer or chipset provider to check what they mean by Linux compatible. It is not unheard of that some suppliers just bundle in a very old driver to make that claim.

At least it is an easy return if the claim turned out to be incorrect :wink:

I wondering if this could be a problem why my operating system start slowly 1min 20 sec but this usb also not recognize in W7 but now when I restart from linux to win 7 my keyboard and mouse working after format hard disk. I wondering it could be some software doing this problems. Good advice never install sh*t if you don't need that or asking advice if this not harm your PC. It was problem CMOS. Restart bios helped