When i started try zorin os i saw lots of errors naming PCIEPORT Error and the screen freezes this never happend on uefi boot but i still see the error thats why i dont install it right now even when i did it whit a partition.
Edit:I have a HDD and its an Asus Laptop from 2017 and the Live system works but i am new on the Linux world and i installed it one time but it died that means i still stick on Windows until i get help.
Note:I use zorin os 15.3 core because i like it more than lite.

Sorry for the poor English i am bad at it

You may want to check using lspci as noted here: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1213973/how-to-repair-kernel-error-pcieport-aer-p-pcieport-device-8086a110-error-st
and post the output in your response.

I try to connect to my wifi but then it crashes

When you’re using Try Zorin from the install medium, and you use Zorin Menu -> Settings -> Wifi to connect, the system crashes? Correct?
Please provide the output of lshw in terminal (ctrl+alt+t).
Please also provide the output of lspci -tv.

Yes the system crashes then i use wifi settings but i do a lan connection then

I looked at the command i guess my HDD card reader is not compatible

Even then i changed the Sata to AHCI

But if you’re on Try Zorin, it should be running off RAM. Please provide the output of lshw in terminal (ctrl+alt+t).

Hi Good day! Is the error report from AER/aer or the error have aer?

If it does have! I have encountered the same problem, it’s probably a hardware compatibility problem in the PCIe port, In my case, I have a buggy Nvidea or not supported Nvidea installed to the PCIe port.

So here is my solution: Edit the grub file from /etc/default using vim,

sudo vim /etc/default/grub

If you saw the line,


Add pci=noaer inside the “”, like this,

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash pci=noaer"

What it does, is to prevent the system’s Advance Error Report (aer) from spamming (NO Advance error report from pci) and also prevent the log file to eat too much memory because of the error log.

And also don’t forget to run the command


So that the system will update the changes from grub file.