Pin manually installed binary into taskbar

I want to use Thunderbird 78 in ZorinOS 15. The repositories only have TB68 (or so). The snap from the Software center has issues (not allowing me to create a security exception for mismatching certificate domains). The binary download works well though. When executing it it shows in the taskbar, but there is not option to pin it there. Is there a way to pin it in the taskbar?

Once the program is running you wrote that it shows in taskbar. Right click on that icon and you should get a menu asking “Add to Favorites” - click that and it will be pinned.

That option is only there for applications which were installed via a package manager it seems. Not available for a manually downloaded binary.

Use System Tools -> Main Menu -> New Item to add the program and then you can Add to Favorites from the Zorin menu.


In case it helps someone trying to do the same with AppImages, I was trying to add one following carmar’s advise but it wouldn’t recognize the file for some reason and the “Ok” button appeared grayed out and did nothing. I was able to work around this by creating a symbolic link like so:

ln -s ~/Downloads/ungoogled-chromium.AppImage ~/Desktop/ungoogled_chromium

This created a shortcut on the desktop which I sometimes use, but also made it appear on the Main Menu and I could add it to favorites. Hope it helps, cheers!


This works, however I only get a cogwheel instead of the Thunderbird Icon there.