Please optimize software store

Is there a way to stop the software store from having to download everything first before it opens so I can manage uninstalls. Why does it take so unbelievably long to open? The software store in mint opens almost instantly.

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What version of Zorin?

For me on 17 Core, it opens instantly.
But with each operation like going back to the previous screen it really seems to be redoing everything, and that's really annoying.

I believe there is little to do because it is the default Gnome store.


Got no problem with gnome Store on Zorin OS 17. What's your computer specs?
By the way Zorin OS uses Gnome Store - if there's problem with it you have to take it up with the Gnome devs. (although I don't think they'll do anything about it).


This isn't supposed to happen, when you see it downloading the apps list it means that GNOME Software has been killed (either automatically or by you), and I know because I killed it often :smiling_imp:. Normally, when the list has been created once the next times GNOME Software should show its main screen immediately.

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So only supposed to be on the first time of opening the store?

I'm running Zorin OS 17.1 (then had an update after install, nor sure how to check what version it is now)

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Yes, let it complete the download of the apps list and the next times it should never do so again. If it still does then we have to find a way to fix it because it's not normal that it has to download the list at every use. At least for me, the version isn't important, issues follows each version with a great passion :expressionless: and despite everything it does what it's intended to do. To see the version just click Main Menu on title bar (on the left of Minimize) when you open GNOME Software and click Software Info.

I see this slow behaviour on 16.3 Lite every time I open the software store. Once it's loaded, using it is mostly fine, but opening it always hangs for a second and then takes another ~10 seconds with the "progress" bar doing its thing.

A relative is borrowing my Zorin laptop at the moment, but I'll try to remember to check on this at the weekend.

I have to ask because it has come up on other distributions. Have you been removing packages not fully knowing what they do?

Pop!_OS has a new Cosmic software center that works great on the Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS - it only gets .deb files and Flatpaks. No Snaps. Maybe it is something that will help.

I have not had any issues with Zorin's software store. It works better than Ubuntu for me.


i have the same problem with software store , takes AGES to load , everytime.
to the point i dont go there anymore , if i want something i search and install it through terminal .

CPU: Celeron T3500 (2) @ 2.094GHz
Memory: 1113MiB / 3840MiB
Zorin OS 17.1
Xfce (lite)