Plymouth theme/Plasma splashscreen - zorin-hexagons

Take a look at the video I uploaded - this is the Plasma splashscreen. You don't get to see the full beauty of this theme in Zorin because the boot time is so quick!

and on shut-down you get a nice all blue image of the splashcreen before the computer turns off.


The source is in the description below the video on Vimeo.

Very nice. To bad boot up takes a split second :confused:
I see we have the same brand "in search of the incredible" :slight_smile:

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The real person that deserves awesomeness is the creator of that theme. I guess team Zorin have been under pressure for faster boot times. Shame it is so quick. Like I've always said the old adage "Good things come to those that wait!"


Found this - let me know if it works (My video had the plymouth (Plasma version) running on KDE neon OS.

Also, in respect of logout sound I posted elsewhere, it doesn't play it fully, so this might need tweaking?

Just tried installing on a VM of Z17 inside of Z17 and can't get it to run at all.

No, it is X11 only. When it tries to do a test run, the default z logo shows. I am going to see if I can delete everything in the plymouth folder in the VM and see if that resolves it.

Well, I went a step too far! deleted virtually everything in plymouth folder, managed to get the blue shut-down screen. Started messing with /etc/default/grub and ended up with only tty login and only layout available was Gnome and a message to upgrade to Pro! Tried the command to reinstall all layouts but got a subprocess error warning!
Thank goodness it is only a VM! LOL!

Plymouth is an essential package since it handles the I/O multiplexing. It handles the splash so that the graphical UI can initialize.
Without Plymouth, the system cannot start.

Don't get me wrong. I did not delete Plymouth. The big issue arose when I started messing with /etc/grub/default. That is what sent the VM sideways.

Well, in my latest video (A look at Spectacle, first in Zorin OS 17 Core (Gnome Desktop), then in KDE neon (Plasma 5.27) on Vimeo) you will see at the beginning of the video I launch the VM of Zorin 17 Core inside of Zorin 17 Core and I have finally got the plymouth theme to not only show but show for a decent length of time using both the initial script given in that askubuntu thread and then adding the extra bit that another subscriber added at the bottom. Took a few reboots before it effectively worked! :sunglasses:

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