PNG files thumbnail previews?


I've noticed that PNG files don't have thumbnail previews. Is there any workaround or suggestions?


It usually does have out of the box. It may be that your .png files are bigger than 5MB?

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Ye you're right, I just noticed they also happen to JPEGS, over 5MB as well. is there any way to change that or remove the limitation?

Check if there's an option in Nautilus --> Preferences (I'm on Fedora so I can't say for sure, but in the latest version of Gnome this feature was removed).
Otherwise you might want to install dconf and check the settings for nautilus that way.

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Answer is posted here

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Everyone is correct.

In Nautilus, it is the hamburger icon > Preferences > Search & Preview tab > Thumbnails

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@Aravisian @Michel @Storm
Thank you! its fixed!


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