Problem which installing zorin os

So I have used zorin os before and now I again wanted to install it so I created a bootable usb using ventoy and when I booted in and launched the installer then it started lagging and with that lag i continued and got on the last stage where it starts the process of copying files but the i got one error I don't remember it exactly but it was like you have old harddrive or storage please help me I don't have any os write not on my pc

If you plug the USB can you still boot ZorinOS from it? If everything still works while on the "Try it" option, you can just try again and take a picture of the error if it appears.

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Yes try it works and after launching installer the error comes

Did you check the SHA256 checksum of the ZorinOS iso download file against the published value, before adding to your Ventoy USB ?
Maybe have a look at this for essential installation advice: Before you install

Can you please post a screenshot or photo from your phone of the error message.

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