Problem while booting zorin os

Basically i removed windows 10 completely from my system and installed zorin but

This is whats happening

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Welcome! :smile:

So, you haven't used said install yet, just that?

I would check the install medium (USB) and try again - that's odd.. Also maybe check the BIOS to see if the first boot option is correct (SSD/HDD). Possibly check the SHA hash from the downloaded .ISO here. You'll have to get a hash value from the downloaded file, then compare to what's on the site to verify the image was downloaded in-full; meaning no dropped packets, collisions, etc. that would cause a defective installer.

Also - how did you go about installing; did you shutdown or reboot Win when installing Zorin? Have had issues with multiple distros just rebooting instead of shutting down to install Zorin or others..

As well as @PlumpKibbles advice above, check your Installed RAM Memory. It may need to be re-seated.

If you "removed" Windows - how did you remove it?
Was Fast Boot enabled on Windows prior to its removal?

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that error is usually associated with storage media but cna also be ram.
however it is stating that initramfs can't load the plymouth boot screen - if this was already installed there are some grub commands to repair, however since this is a 'fresh' usb it is likely the downloaded image or usb drive was corrupted.

re-download the zorin image, and try again, or test with another USB stick

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+1 - Might be some lightly dirty pins. When I did the VICA / SkillsUSA competition stuff all the way back in high school, one of the tests was diagnostics - they put a piece of tape over some pins on the RAM sticks and no hints! Tripped a lot of people up; that and blown caps..

@Deepu the best way to clean the RAM contacts (I've found) is with a pencil eraser - takes all that grease and grime off like wonders :grin: Or, some high % alcohol and Q-tips.... If your RAM isn't soldered - that's kinda new, new.. ish. Both my new ones have soldered RAM :unamused:..

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I used to have a similar kind of issue which I had mentioned here:

In my case it was a key sticking which was causing the issue. If your issue starts like mine then it might be the reason.

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Useful pre-installation advice can be found here: Before you install

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