Problem with .desktop file on desktop

I just installed youtube music from chrome browser a few day ago. And I already installed Dota 2 from Steam too. Seem these 2 apps trying to made a shortcut like file over my desktop with the extension '.desktop'. which it I can't open them. They show no icons. But I found out I can open these apps from 'Show Applications' bottom from left down corner. But I'm just curious. Are these .desktop files on my desktop were corrupted? or is there a way to fixed? like normally putting an icon after software installation like Windows?

When something gets put on the desktop, the security of GNU/Linux prevents it from running - right-click each .desktop file and select Properties. Then go to Permissions tab, and check mark, "Allow to run as an executable" - then you should see the correct icon after you have done this. :wink:

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It's working. Thank you.

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