Problem with File Open / Save dialog box in Zorin 16

So I'd like to rapidly navigate to the following in a File Open/Save dialog let's say:
"/mnt/3tb_hfs/4TB-BACKUP/Installers/Mac/Audio/DAWS/Logic 9/Logic Studio 8 or 9 - Extra Disks/"
I have this (or the same 'in single quotes' I forget) in my clipboard already and keen to just hit paste then press enter to immedately become cd into that directory.

Not only can this not happen, but I can think of no possible solution to make it happen. I've installed pcmanfm and thunar cos I hate the included File Explorer included with a great passion and furious confusion (why no path textfield?) but now I'm struck with one of the worst file dialogs I've ever seen on any Unix, SGI Irix and macOS included. Fairly sure on macOS I can try "command shift g" then paste enter, and fairly sure every linux I've used supports path paste in file dialogs.

So I wondered: is this Gnome doing this? Surely not. Gnome is huge. They wouldn't have done that. Is that why some hate gnome? Almost certainly it is. Then again, is it a customisation made by the maintainers of Zorin OS? If it is, it is a very serious bug. I'd say number 1 worst thing about the os actually, or maybe the tiny thin window borders that are a nightmare to attempt to grab for window resize at position 2. If solved the window border thing mostly, but I need to know what is the source of the non-support of path paste in file dialogs here?

PS Topics should close 9 months after last reply not 3. Don't be like that silicon valley company, which one is it, where you have to create new forum threads for half-dead ones.

I don't think there is enough extensions for gnome to make someone like you happy. Because of this, I think its best to just nip this in the bud, and suggest, that you switch to XFCE desktop. Use this command to install XFCE desktop....

sudo apt-get install xfce4

Then once that is done, restart your computer, at the login screen, you should now see a :gear: icon. Click on that to login to XFCE desktop. This should hold you over until the Zorin team releases OS 16 LITE.

As far as customizing XFCE, your going to have to talk to Aravisian, as he is our resident XFCE guru, and knows every rivet of the desktop experience. Hope this helps...


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Gnome extensions yeah? I should check this out. I've installed Gnome Tweaks I assume this has a bunch of extensions perhaps? I will investigate extensions further before trying xfce (tried it already can't recall if that was on the mighty Zorin though. I then maybe tried to put kde plasma on, which then made me decide to reinstall Zorin again), if I do I will test xfce in a fresh user account me thinks.

Thanks re:xfce! This is always appreciated. Yeah I a bit picky I admit. Well it could tide me over (a go on xfce) and keep me on Zorin for sure. Zorin is amazeballs though. Very smooth. Kubuntu did weird things with my monitor (AOC early buggy 4k). Also... somehow, it is super stable on every machine I use it on include ones that reboot as soon as you type on them (macBook 15"). On an hp studio that was rebooting way too often on a handfull of distros, is up for weeks on Zorin, usually manually rebooted server.

One thing though is odd about you reply: I sense this means it's non-trival to adjust gnome to fix the file dialogs and the dialog behaviour not caused by Zorin distro?

Oh, yes they would.

I use Nemo File Manager and highly recommend it.
What you are asking it to do, you can easily do in Nemo File manager.
It's very easy to set up. If you want to go this route, I will walk you through it.

Installing XFCE4 : I did and I am running on XFCE, now. Another option is to install Cinnamon desktop. But... If you install XFCE4 on Zorin Core, it takes quite a bit of configuring. We would need to walk you through it all, step by step, if you have never done it before.
Cinnamon takes almost no configuring other than your basic preferences.
Zorin OS 16 Lite (XFCE version) is currently in development. Waiting for it may also be an option.

We can fix this, too.
Create a new file in ~/config/gtk-3.0/ and name it gtk.css

Once made, paste the following into it. Save - log out and in to see the change.

 .background.csd decoration {
     margin: 10px;

I disagree. Three months is too short.
I have zero problem with thread necromancy at all. However, the problem we have is when a thread is marked as solved and then a newcomer reopens the solved thread with an unsolved problem.

Thanks dude, wow linux user over 21 years (on server) and seems like I'm sure I've seen nemo before but forgot about it there is such a bewildering range of fm I been using PCManFM up until maybe today if this goes well nemo now. Zorin would do well to have a visible path in the explorer like this.

sudo apt install nemo

It carries a lot of dependencies - don't be scared, it is well worth it.

Once installed, go to Edit on the menubar. Toolbar in the left pane.
Ensure that Location entry toggle is added to yuor toolbar.

Once done you can toggle the pathbar to be either Buttons or Location Pathbar.
I prefer buttons, so I toggle it to get location when I need to copy and paste, just as you describe.

side-musings: I wonder if SpaceFM offers this feature? It's a favorite of mine, forked from PCManFM.

I too think Zorin is amazing, which is why I am using it. We also have other members excited for OS 16 LITE's release, such as Jeff! Some people prefer XFCE because of its customisability.

While other's prefer XFCE because its less of a load on hardware. You could almost run XFCE on a potato, although I think BionicPup is better served for a potato computer.

Yes, there are extensions to improve the Gnome experience, I use them myself, I have a post on here about Gnome extensions...

You got to make sure you have your Gnome integration enabled in your browser before installing and using extensions though. And yes, extensions can be chosen and configured through Gnome-Tweaks as well, good job on being informed!

The sheer amount of dissatisfaction you have for Gnome however, is what made me think the best solution for you, was to switch to XFCE desktop. Aravisian is also correct that I Cinnamon might be a good pick as well for you, for a desktop experience.

I too also agree you could simply wait for OS 16 LITE to be released as well. It will have XFCE desktop already loaded and configured for operating pleasure. The choice is up to you, and thats the beautiful thing about Linux, your choice, not a companies.

I wish you luck on your adventure, just know, that we were at the ZorinGroup forum are here for you. Thanks also goes to @Aravisian for helping you with this, I really appreciate it!

When they aren't breaking or interfering with other desktop actions...

As well as that it is a Fully Functional desktop with all the features; instead of being stripped to bare bones like Gnome, necessitating the user to install a bunch of independently developed, usually working extensions to restore functionality.
And hope the extension maintainers are willing to keep updating what Gnome breaks.
And are willing to port it to the new GTK4 Gnome 40 that breaks the rest.

The File Open and Save dialog is not part of the File Manger. It's integral with gtk-3 or gtk-2 and is called the file chooser.

The paste and go of a path into the Name box of the Save dialog worked for me. I just tested it in Zorin 16. Then I had to enter the file name itself.

That said, bookmarks can be set to any folder to navigate there quickly. These appear in the side pane.

Thanks dudes!! It makes me feel warm and fuzzy honest! In fact, when I have a job I vow to purchase Zorin at some stage in future, this support is crazy-fast. I've been recommending Zorin to people and will continue to do so.

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Its crazy fast, and its crazy good. <<<--- I wish you could hear the way I am vocalizing that right now, it would make you laugh. :joy:

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